Eurobake's Special Ensaymada

I have always heard about the famous Eurobake in Bulacan. I've seen foodie shows several times on TV featuring their Special Ensaymada. That, obviously, got me curious. So since we already moved in near the area, it was finally our chance to get a taste of this delectable pastry. 

We went to SM North EDSA one day and instead of riding the usual bus, we tried to commute via the van/fx at their terminal in Trinoma. I didn't expect that the travel would be much faster compared to the bus ride. Our stop was just in front of Eurobake's main branch, so we checked out their products. 

We bought these:

Eurobake's Ensaymada Malolos
Can you spot our little prince's hand? You can tell, he's hungry na! :-P

I'm so sorry though that I can't post the exact price of these yummy pastries. I was carrying our sleeping little one and seated a distance from the display shelf while hubby was talking with the seller at the bakery so I didn't hear the price. I asked hubby but he forgot, haha! But the special ensaymada was around a little over Ph100++ while the loaf bread was around Ph60++ I guess. More or less. 

Eurobake's Ensaymada Malolos
Medium-sized Ensaymada with lots of cheese, butter and salted egg.

The verdict?

Well, honestly, at first I didn't find anything special about it. The bread was somewhat dry for my liking. Or so I thought. Because when I tried to heat it up for a few seconds in the microwave, the texture became fluffy and the cheese & butter melted a little. I love how it tasted! It was so good. Now, I know why people are all raves about this intriguing ensaymada. :-)

We still had left over so in the morning, we ate it for breakfast. It's best paired with coffee, tea or milk. 

And oh, the little one likes it, too! :-)

Next time, we might try the Inipit naman. It's their other specialty daw. 

By the way, the loaf bread was good, too. Uhhmm, except that it's kind of pricey compared to the regular loaf bread that we usually buy at the grocery. (Buy 1 Take 1 kasi sa grocery for the same price. :-P)

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 Since 1945. Home of the Old-Fashioned Ensaymada Malolos and Original Inipit

"Eurobake is one of the best shops that offers you delightful delicacies using traditional recipe and baked in Oven including Ensaymada, Inipit, Pastillas, Pulvoron, and more..."

Eurobake's main branch is located at McArthur Highway, Tabang, Guiguinto, Bulacan, just off the interchange of NLEX and McArthur Highway. 

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/EUROBAKE/41077089991

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid post. We purchased all the items featured here and review is our honest opinion about the products. :-)

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  1. I love how it looks! So, it's best to eat it warm pala. :)


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