Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s Chinese New Year today! Happy New Year! Hubby’s home because it’s a holiday! Double hurray! Anyway, we were at SM The Block almost two weeks ago when we saw this.

Hubby took this photo.

Nice, right? 

I think there was some sort of a pre-Chinese New Year celebration that day. I noticed a program being readied. Some men were setting up the stage for a mini concert maybe. I’m not sure if I saw something similar to the cool lachapell audio signal processors at guitar center. And then, guess what? We bumped into Snooky Serna at the elevator. She was in full costume. Some of her fans were taking pictures with her. However, when the elevator opened, we didn’t join her inside. Haha! We were shy. We just took instead the next lift going up. 

Maybe, there was indeed a show that day.

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  1. this is certainly nice and they have it all for us! SM has evolved in many ways and it is really the place to be. in fact, i love going to their malls because they prioritize PWDs, their employees are very courteous and when we do our grocery shopping, witnessing them saying "at your service" (ba yon) every so minute with enthusiasm is really amusing :)

  2. How does her costume looks like? Nice shot of the horses by the way.


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