Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! How was the past weekend for you so far? For us, we just spent it bonding here at home. We still have a lot of things to do and organize after our move in. I guess it would take us an entire year before we could actually finish all the works here. Haha!

Anyway, yesterday, my husband and son went out for an afternoon walk because the little guy wants to see the kids playing with their bikes in the neighborhood. When they went back home, hubby said that there was a party on the other block. There was music and some singing, too. He thought the audio was really nice that it’s like the great audio technica atw 701/l at Musicians Friend. Too bad I wasn’t able to check it out because I was busy fixing some stuff at home. Anyway, we could always for a walk again sometime and who knows we might be able to have a little chitchat with our neighbor and ask about it. :-)

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