How's Your Weekend?

Hello friends! How was your weekend? It was chilly here in our place. And I guess the only person that's really enjoying the cold weather here is our little boy! He doesn't want to use any blanket when sleeping so I make sure to don him in his PJs and jacket or sweater. That, at least, he allows me to do. Haha! 

Anyway, I was just thinking. Since moving in at our new home, I have been really wanting to decorate it like the ones I see on the magazines I read, like Real Living. Or at least close to it. Err, I'm no interior designer. But as of this time, I just can’t. First, we don’t even have a living room or a dining room set yet. We’re saving that for later. We can still do without it for now because we have our old monoblock chairs and tables which still serve its purpose. We’ll get to that in the future.

For now, our priority is to save up for the fence and gate first, and maybe paint next or screens for the doors and windows perhaps. Long story short, I have to set aside my plans of decorating our home for the mean time. So, even if I saw these gorgeous burlap table runners that I really wanted to get for our dining room, I have to keep myself from buying it for now. No matter how lovely it looks, as of this time, no can do! Haha! But that’s okay, really. 

For now, I can only dream. God willing, it will happen one day.

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  1. It's pretty cool too in this part of the metro and i wish the weather will be the same until the summer days... Yes, i'm dreaming, lol. You're monetizing your blog na rin. Congrats sis! I'm sure you'll manage creating those assignments :D


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