Internet Subscription, Finally!

Yey! After almost a month of living in our new home and after being content with using a prepaid stick to connect to the internet, finally we now have an internet subscription. Hubby applied for a plan last week and it was installed immediately after two days, I think. However, we requested the persons who installed the line to just put the cables by the window for now because we still have to fix something in here. Good thing we have cable ties from reidsupply.com, it’s easier to organize the internet cables. Hopefully, hubby will be able to fix it later today. 

Anyway, I’m just glad our internet connection is okay and fast. I won’t be worried too much for not being able to surf the net. If you’re a blogger like me, you know the feeling, right? :-)

Let's Stay Connected!

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  1. i know that feeling.. i'll die not having an internet connection.. hehe


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