Moon Ring

I can't remember when it started but I have always been fascinated by the moon. 

While I was browsing FB last night, I saw a post from one of the FB groups I belong to asking what's up with the moon. I got curious so I quickly went out, it was past 9pm already. There I saw the moon, and it was absolutely beautiful. 

Moon Ring
My poor attempt at taking a photo of the moon ring.

I immediately called hubby out so he could see it, too. I grabbed our digicam hoping I could capture the phenomenon. But my shot didn't do justice to how marvelous the moon was last night. 

We stayed outside for a few minutes to enjoy the view and the cool breeze as well. :-)

The little guy was already sleeping so sadly, he didn't see it. :-(

Have you seen the lunar halo last night, too?

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  1. sayang, i didn't see this because i was teaching. but i heard my cousins admiring it! and this is such a rare occurrence!

  2. Ako din. I didn't see it personally. Natamad na kami ni Daddy A lumabas kahit nakita na namin sa FB newsfeed, hehe... Ang ganda siguro no?

    Mommy Maye

  3. I missed that ring. It didn't appear here in the Middle East.

  4. I didn't see that moon ring! The hoopla I read in facebook made me curious but I guess I was in the wrong side of the building!

  5. I saw it also as my daughter called me outside to have a look at it. It was beautiful!

  6. I saw it also as my daughter called me outside to have a look. It was so beautiful!

  7. It is been about LPA in my side of the country. Thank God for social media I got to see that moon ring.


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