Moving-In Challenge: Packing our Stuffs

Before moving in to our new home, one of our dilemmas was how to pack all our home stuffs. Considering our tiny apartment, we didn’t realize we have accumulated quite a lot of items already. I was searching different forums hoping to find some answers. One suggested the use of cardboard boxes, some said “balikbayan” boxes would do too, and one even suggested trying and asking the nearby supermarket or grocery if they’re selling their used boxes.

I searched the net where we could find cardboard boxes. National Bookstore was one of the choices, so I told hubby about it. A few days before our move in day, he went ahead and bought a few. It was such a relief that we were able to organize all our stuffs with the help of those boxes. If I’m not mistaken, I guess we managed to fill up more or less about 7 medium sized boxes! Well, that’s not counting our several big plastic containers which we already have long before. Containers like those cardboard boxes gave us such a relief and definitely were a big help.The two moving men from the trucking service that we hired didn't have a hard time loading our things inside the truck because most were packed in cardboard boxes already.

While I was browsing and looking for packaging, I stumbled upon Allinpackaging. It instantly caught my attention as they are offering different kinds of packaging and containers. Yes, they have cardboard boxes, too! Sadly, I found out about it after hubby bought ours. Anyway, it was interesting to see an online marketplace selling a wide variety of different kinds of containers and packaging like dispensers, sprays, canisters, jars, etc. They even offer labelling and printing so in case you have a business of like, say, a liquid soap or any toiletries perhaps, you can easily have it labelled if you order your packaging from them.

The holiday season has just passed. I’m sure there were some people who ventured into some businesses like making home-made perfumes. I bet it was a hit because it’s a nice gift idea. I have always wondered where they get large number of containers for their products (with lovely and interesting labels, too, if I may mention) considering it is home-made. Maybe some of them got theirs from Allinpackaging.

Now, I’m thinking if the packaging of my favorite shampoo came from them, too. Considering their vast array of packaging categories, I guess it’s very possible.   

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