My ZALORA PH Online Shopping Experience

I was supposed to place my first online purchase at ZALORA last November but I decided to delay it until we're finally settled into our new home. I made a mental note that I should use my ZALORA voucher before the year ends because I was afraid it would expire. So, when we finally moved in to our humble abode a few days before Christmas Day, I told myself that I should order already.

I thought it would be much better if I use my ZALORA voucher to purchase my hubby a new pair of shoes. It was supposed to be a New Year's gift surprise but I decided to just tell him beforehand so he could choose which pair he wants best. ZALORA offers really awesome items we couldn't decide which is better. Haha!

Anyway, I was able to place my order on Dec. 31, yeah right, last shopping for 2013! I received an email that it was shipped January 2, so I was already set to expect my items the following week since it was indicated in the email that provincial delivery takes 5-7 days. But I was so surprised because I received the package the next day! That fast! Nice! 

Here it is!

My First ZALORA box! :-)

Which was I think mostly enjoyed by the little guy! Haha!

When the package arrived, my little toddler got more excited that I was, me thinks. Haha! Look at him at the picture above, he even wore his Tatay's shoes! And uhmm, played with the box. Silly kid, hihi!

He didn't want me to touch it, but after several attempts of pleading, he gave in and I was finally able to take a picture of his Tatay's new shoes.


My ZALORA PH Online Shopping Experience
Otto Sport Shoes for Ph999. I like my hubby's choice so much!

Hubby likes it! He's been wearing it since then. It's a nice choice. He said it's comfy. I'm one happy wifey! :-)

But wait, there's more! Hahaha! Yeah, right! 
No, I'm not kidding. There really is more. 

Uhmm, confession. I didn't just purchase hubby's shoes. Since I had another voucher, I got some items for myself, too. The package arrived a day after the first. Yes, it didn't arrive on the same day. But that's okay.

Anyway, here you go!

Guess who's hands those are! :-P

As always, the little guy was so amusing he didn't want to let go of the second box. Since it was a Saturday when the delivery arrived, hubby was there and they were playing. He just called Trev back and they played again. 

Ayan, deadma na ang bagets. :-P

My second ZALORA box.

Deadma? Uhmm, that's what I thought, but no, because, after I removed my items from the box, this was what happened. Kasabwat pa ang Tatay niya! :-D

My mag-ama playing with the box!

Anyway, here's my orders pala.

My ZALORA PH Online Shopping Experience
Red Girl Shorts for Ph779.75 and Chavi Ballet Flats for Ph299.

I love my orders, too. I tried both items on and it's so comfy! 

Thanks to my ZALORA vouchers we got the items with great discount! Yey!

What's even better is that the items fit me and hubby perfectly! You see, one of my apprehensions in buying online is that I might get the wrong size. And who would want to go thru the hassle of returning and exchanging and who knows, maybe arguing with the seller if they don't want to replace the items (although I'm not the type who argues).

With ZALORA, placing and receiving my orders were such a breeze. Not to mention, the delivery was fast! If only they had baby and kids items, I would have used my other voucher to purchase for my little boy, too! (Or do they? And I just didn't see it? Oh, please tell me they do, if so I will order for my little guy. Hihi!)

This was actually the only purchase we did for ourselves recently. We've been spending so much when we bought our new home that spending for ourselves is on the least of our priorities. But, since we didn't have a gift for each other last Christmas, I guess you can consider it that. :-)

How about you? Any recent purchase online? Have you bought something from ZALORA, too? 

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  1. Hmm...I got mine too last December Sis I also have gift vouchers from Zalora and it enabled me to purchase flats and accessories for me and my daughter and a very nice shoes for my son. Overall, we had about 10 free items from Zalora and that was very good! :)

  2. I agree, shopping with Zalora is a breeze :) Nagdarasal nga ako na sana kasya ung mag shoes na binili ko. Buti nagsukat ako sa SM prior to that, haha...

    Mommy Maye

  3. Cute lang ni Trev! I used to buy often from Zalora when they carried baby and toddler stuff pa, pero now, wala na. Huhu. Last Christmas, I ordered din from Zalora for my gift to Job and had it delivered to him. No hassle!

  4. No shopping for me hahaha! But I've heard a lot of feedback about Zalora.

  5. I got shoes from Zalora, too! Yay to us!


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