New Year, New Hair (Trev's 2nd Hair Cut)

I am very fond of Trev's long, straight hair. Maybe because I was sort of glad that he didn't inherit my curly hair (as much as I love my hair the way it is, I'm telling you, it's kind of hard to have natural curls like mine, haha!). Good thing he got his Tatay's. :-)

Anyway, since his first hair cut at Cuts 4 Tots last December 2012, we have never visited any barber/kiddie salon. I was always the one snipping his bangs, yes his bangs only. I was really planning of growing his hair long that time. Well, I guess there's nothing wrong with toddler boys with long hair. So there.

A lot have thought and said that he looks like a girl. But in my eyes, he doesn't. He looks very much like a boy with long hair. Haha! Anyway, to make the story short, last December 2013, I finally gave in and had his hair cut, yes after one long year! But I had a compromise. The barber had to leave the back part of Trev's hair long. I don't know how you call that hairstyle but I see some little boys sporting it. I guess I really don't want to totally let go of his long hair after all. Hubby agreed. :-P

So, off we went to SM North EDSA and checked out Cute Cutters (I hope I got the kiddie salon's name right). I had a somewhat bad experience at Cuts 4 Tots and besides, I really wanted to try this new kiddie salon this time. I'm not closing my doors with Cuts 4 Tots though, who knows, we'll visit them again next time. 

Trev was in his happy mood when we traveled to SM. We even had a happy lunch time at Adobo Connection. 

After lunch, we went straight to Cute Cutters. My little prince was still in his happy self especially when we made him sit in one of the "car" seats. He was loving it.

But not until the barber started snipping his hair. I was a little surprised because I honestly thought that Trev would not feel afraid anymore. I thought I was able to somehow psych him because it's one of our regular activities every month. Whenever he sees me with a pair of scissors, he knew I would snip his bangs, and he's actually excited everytime. But no, not with Mr. Barber. Huhu. He cried buckets of tears from start to finish. Kawawa. 

We couldn't make him stop crying. I was even compelled to give him the lollipop that the nice lady receptionist offered hoping it would pacify him. He's never tasted a single lollipop yet since he started on solid food because I don't allow it. Just that once. But to no avail. :-(

After like about 30 minutes or so, the hair cut was finished. And Trev finally stopped crying. 

Here he was after the hair cut. Suplado, he didn't want to smile. Haha! :-P

Trev in his new look. :-)

At home, after resting, he was in a jolly mood again. We even took some "selfie" shots! :-P

Cutie Trev with his haggard-looking Nanay. :-P

Trev anak, I kind of already miss your look na long hair ka pa. Haha! Agad agad? Pero, that's okay. Long or short hair, you're still the cutest baby for me. (* love your own, hihi!) :-P

Anyway, I love your new hairstyle just the same. Let's take advantage of this time because when you start school in a couple of years, you will no longer be able to sport hairstyles like this. As far as I know, schools only allow clean cut. Am I right mommies with school kids? :-)

Cute Cutters is located at the top level of SM North EDSA's Main Mall (City Center). We had a great experience with them. All the staffs were cheerful and friendly. Regular hair cut was kind of pricey though. We paid Ph300 for Trev's hair cut.

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  1. He looks so different after the haircut and yes once they start school they are not allowed to keep long hair.

  2. My cousin also wants my nephew's hair long. We all wanted to cut his hair. He is already 2.5 years old and he never had a haircut.

  3. I was going to ask why you cut his long hair but then I saw the after photos and forgot about it. He just got even more cute! hehe :) Happy New Year Van and family :) Yung nephew ko umiiyak din lagi sa barber, kahit sa specialty barbers like where you went, sayang tuloy ang mahal na bayad kasi hindi natatapos lol.

  4. Trev look so cute with his new haircut~ and the food look so yummy!

  5. Ayan Trev you will not be mistaken as a girl na. Hehe. Anyway, si Matt pahaba na rin ang buhok. Papagupitan sana namin kahapon kaso waley na oras. Hehe...

    Mommy Maye


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