Our New Year 2014

Happy new year everyone! I can't believe we're done with 2013! It may sound cliche but time really flew by so fast! So many things happened, some bad, some good, but at the end of the day, we still have a lot of blessings to be thankful for.

In our case, we feel so grateful that God has blessed us with so many wonderful things this year. 
  • I started this blog last January 2013. I met a lot of online friends which are now very dear to me. This blog has also helped me to somehow regain my "lost connection" to the world (haha! :p) when I decided to become a full time SAHM. Then I started my second blog (Our Home And More) last September.
  • Trev had sooo many amazing milestones the past year (I have yet to blog about it). He's healthy and very active. 
  • I'm still breastfeeding him for almost 27 months now and counting. 
  • I joined several online earning opportunities that has greatly helped our family in our finances. One of which is an online networking business which was not one of my comfort zones before, but I'm sure glad I took the chance. I couldn't be more thankful! 
  • Hubby has a stable job (working there for 14 years and counting) in one of our country's leading telco.
  • My family and friends are all doing great.
  • And a lot, lot more!
  • But I must say that one of the best gifts we have ever received this year is our humble abode. All of our hardwork, especially my hubby's, has paid off. Our home is still a work in progress but we're very happy and we feel really blessed that finally, we have a place that we can really call our own. We'll be able to raise our son in a much better environment.

Anyway, if we had a lot of visitors (relatives) that celebrated with us last Christmas, our New Year was the other way around. It was just the three of us, well except for my sister in law (SIL) and her husband who stopped by for a while, the rest of the day was spent at home with just us around. SIL said that the kids (Trev's cousins) were on vacation for the New Year that's why they were not able to visit. So we spent the first day of 2014 bonding and enjoying the moment together. 

By the way, here were some of our snap shots.

Our fruit basket and torotot! :-P

When I was still living with my grannies in the province, it has always been a yearly thing for me to prepare 12 round fruits for New Year. It's been a long time since I last did that. This year, the three of us went to market before New Year's eve and bought these fruits (some fruits not in photo, I forgot to get it from the fridge eh :p). When I counted it, I think we managed to get 14, haha! Sumobra! 

No fireworks/fire crackers of any kind for us. Takot po kasi ako sa paputok, haha!  I guess our torotots will do just the same noise naman. :-P

Our simple Media Noche.

This was our simple handa. I cooked linguini carbonara and whipped up some fruit salad.

Trev: I want fruits! :-)

The little guy loves fruits so when he saw these on the table on New Year's eve, he wanted to get one of the fruits na agad. 

Enjoying his pasta.

This was taken on New Year's eve, a few hours before 12 midnight. Trev was happily eating his dinner.

And at 12 midnight, ito na si Trev:

Sleeping baby. Haha!

Yes, amidst all the noise of the firecrackers outside, the little guy was sound asleep. This was actually the third New Year since he was born that he was sound asleep at 12mn of the New Year celebration. 

Since we didn't want to wake him up, we just had a few pictures (like the previous years) taken with our sleeping little man.

In the morning, the little guy made bawi. He was so playful, giddy and very active. Haha!

While we were having breakfast, pasta pa rin. Haha! :-)

We took the chance to take a family picture, too.

Our first family picture this 2014. :-)

I hope and pray for a better year for all of us. May God continuously bless you and us with the best of health, safety, peace, love, happiness and joy. 

Again, Happy new year everyone! :-)

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  1. Happy New Year Sis! 2013 is been so great for me as well! Blogging is just so fun looking forward seeing and reading everyone blog post. .. Great stuff for 2014 to us! cheers:)

  2. Saw your blog post. Congrats on the new home Van. Glad that things are working perfectly with you and your husband. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your lovely family. :) And happy 1st blogversary as well.

  4. Happy New Year Van.. Congratulations of your new home.. I hope we'll start building ours this year. :-)

  5. Naalala ko lang, ganyan din kami dati. When mother and brother are not yet here with us, kaming 3 lang ang nagcecelebrate ng New Year. But now, medyo madami na kami, hehe. And this year is the first time na naantay ni Matt mag12, dati borlogs na tapos magigisng lang pag putukan na. Happy New Year po ulit.

    Mommy Maye


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