Simple Joys Photo: Morning Sunshine

When we were still living in our rented apartment, sadly we've never ever done a morning walk. It's somehow not feasible in our place kasi. So, when we finally moved in to our humble home sweet home, that's one of the things that we're excited about. My little boy was I guess the most excited, haha!

Here's one of our morning walks together. 

Parang siga lang maglakad si Trev, haha! :-P

The little guy has always woken up earlier than usual since we moved in. So, what Allan or I do is to bring him out and walk around the village to enjoy the early morning sun. And he loves it! Mahangin din kasi sa umaga so he loves the morning breeze.

Thank God for the blessing of a new home, my son is now able to enjoy the morning sunshine! :-)

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