Simple Joys Photo: "Selfie on Selfie?" :-P

We don't normally do this all the time but I found this picture so amusing. Haha! 

I was taking a picture of us when he insisted to get my cellphone and pretended to take a picture, too. Silly kid. Adorable! You make your Tatay and Nanay happy all the time. Be a good boy always, okay? We will always be here for you. Oh, how we love you so, Trev anak!

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  1. Kids are always cute talaga with their own versions of antics to show to their Mommies. Trev is truly and adorable kid!

  2. Ang cute naman ninyong mag-ina. Me and Reyna love to do selfie lalo pa at we are bored sometimes..Trev is super CUTE!

  3. Ang cute, haha. Naku, ganyan din mga anak ko. Kids are so adorable kapag nagfifeeling matanda.


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