Simple Joys Photo: Trev's "OOTD" Shot

Who said it's boring to dress up little boys? :-P 

I enjoy dressing up my little prince. Nowadays, there are a lot of nice and cute shirts, shorts, pants, etc, that’s available everywhere to make your little boys’ outfit stand out. Some you’ll find online, some you’ll see at the malls like SM. 

This is just a simple OOTD that I came out it with for Trev but he loves it and he’s comfy with it. So, I’m good with that. I bought the shirt when he was only 11 months. It was supposed to be for his 1st birthday (race car theme) but it was a little too big for him then so at the last minute, I changed my mind and bought a different shirt. Now that he’s 27 months, it fits him just right. 

Simple Joys Photo: Trev's "OOTD" Shot

Shades: SM North EDSA - Department Store
Shirt: My sister-in-law's online store (for babies, kids, and moms)
Pants: Robby Rabbit (SM North EDSA - Department Store)
Shoes: Snoopy (Trinoma - Landmark)

Hmm, maybe we should get him a tuxedo shirt at this site. Wish though they have something for toddlers. Oh, I remember Trev has a shirt that looks like a tuxedo. I got it from Tiny Tots and the other one we bought from SM. I just have to look it up inside his closet. That would look good for an OOTD. 

How about you, Mommies with little boys? Where do you purchase cute OOTDs for your little prince?

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  1. How cute!!! He poses in the camera with confidence. Baka maging fashion bloger pa sya in the future. :)


  2. Ang porma mo Trev ha, san ang lakad? Gwapo :) Anyway, most of Matt's clothes are gifts. We buy him clothes once a year lang, hehe... Since nasa bahay lang sya, madami syang damit na di nasusuot. Once a week lang kasi sya gumala. And buti si Trev okay magpapicture, naku si Matt sasabihin "Daddy picturan mo na ako a." Sabay naman wacky o takbo pag kukuhaan na. Hehe. Boys are boys talaga.

    Mommy Maye

  3. Trev is so adorable Van. It's so nice to dress up kids. Walang palag eh, hehehe!

  4. i agree, not only girls are fun to dress dress up but also boys too! :)

    Trev seems to be very comfortable in front of the camera. he looks like a little man here all donned in long pants. and cute! buti na lang he likes wearing look pants. when one of my nephews was his age, he disliked wearing long pants. and funny nga coz at their very young age, they already know what they want and dislike in clothing!


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