Simple Joys Video: Trev "Singing" Roar :-P

I didn't teach him that! Haha!

I was just surprised one day when the song was played on TV and he was singing with it already. It was so amusing, hihi! Maybe if we had a microphone and a cool electro voice speaker at Musicians Friend, Trev would have sung his heart out even more. :-P

Anyway, he’s learning so many things every single day, it really amazes me. Sometimes, I feel like I couldn’t keep up anymore. I wanted to chronicle about his milestones but there are just so many, especially now. I hope to write about it soon so when the time comes that he’s big enough to read my blog, he’d be amused as much as we are now. For the meantime, his Tatay and I will just enjoy these moments in our son’s life. Oh, toddlerhood! 

Everyday, we thank God for you, Trev anak. We are so proud of you and we love you soooo much!

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  1. What an adorable video of Trev. He loves music and I'd encourage you to nurture it. He's musically talented.


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