Thrift Find: Toddler Divided Plates

We went to market the other day to buy stuffs for our home when I chanced upon these very affordable plates. They were only Ph10 each! What a steal, yes? Too bad they only had these two designs. I was hoping I would find other designs like maybe a robot or car design, not necessarily cars "Cars" but any vehicle design would do sana but yun nga, sadly there wasn't any. 

Anyway, I'm happy naman with these. While I was on queue to pay at the counter, the customer before me got a lot! If I counted it correctly, she got I think 10 pieces of these! Sulit kasi.

The Ph10 divided plates. :-)

During New Year's eve, the plate in action. Hihi! :-)

The only downside I would have to say is that the plates are not microwavable. Sayang, if they were, it would have been better sana. But then again, I'm good with my thrift find naman. And the little guy loves it, too!

How about you, mommies? Any thrift find you want to share? :-)

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  1. It comes in very handy indeed for feeding toddlers. Sulit na siya for the price you paid. Plus it'll make food look more attractive for Trev pa.


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