Trev And The G-U-I-T-A-R

Aside from all sorts of vehicles, another thing that Trev has interest in are musical instruments. Last Christmas, he received a toy drum from his aunt and he was very happy! He kept on playing with it until it broke! Yeah, huhu! (Sorry, Tita! – Trev).  

He loves watching Word World. It’s an educational show that teaches kids the alphabet and how to spell words. There’s a part there where the animals were spelling musical instruments. He loves the part where they spelled the word GUITAR. He always says each letter too and he imitates the characters as they strum the guitar.

Trev intently watching World Word. :-)

If only his older cousin’s electric guitar is working, he could probably let my Trev "play" with it. But he still needs to buy guitar jacks at Musicians Friend because the one he has was broken. Hopefully, once he gets a hold of his new guitar jack, he could teach my boy how. I’m sure Trev would be all giddy and excited because he loves guitar! 

I was telling hubby to buy him a toy guitar but the big guy keeps on postponing, haha! I guess he wants our prince to get a real guitar. Oh no, he’s too little for that yet. He might break it, too. :-P

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  1. We used to love watching Word World, too! I think I enjoyed watching it more than Yuri hehe. But we haven't watched TV for many months now (except for maybe an hour of news) kasi nasira yung TV sa living room. :-(

  2. Di ko alam kung pumasok comment ko hehe. Anyway, we used to love watching Word World, too! But we haven't watched TV for many months now kasi sira yung TV sa living room. Trev looks so cute as usual!

  3. Weird ba if I say that I love Word World too! Hehe. Kaya lang parang I don't see it anymore. Oh well, nice yan to cultivate Trev's interest in music. Maybe you'll have a concert artist someday :)

  4. My son got a guitar also from one of my friends on Christmas, Parang nasira na yata kasi haven't heard na tumonog. Glad that hes very into music..:) Cute naman neh Trev.

  5. We do have a guitar at home but haven't really let the kids try it. WE got them a toy piano when they were young and they now play the piano.

  6. Matt used to watch Word's World too. Pero mukang nabored na..hehehe.
    Maganda yung show na yun for kids to learn the alphabet.

  7. Ang cute niya while watching. Seems like he's so well-behaved. :)

  8. Kids love musical instruments. Music enhances their right brain

  9. You should buy a guitar toy muna dahil sure na masisira lang hehehe.. Attentive talaga si Trev..galing!

  10. Pumasok ba comment ko? Anyway bili ka muna ng toy guitar dahil sure na masisira lang ni little boy yan hehehe

  11. Please get your musical genius a guitar. He's at the right age to start; especially since he shows so much interest. :-)


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