Product Review: Human ♥ Nature Kids 100% Natural Bath Soap (Chocolate Adventure)

I love Human Heart Nature (HHN) products. Been using them for so long and each product I use for myself or for my family never fail to amaze me. I really like that everything is all natural. 

Their baby products are love, too. I tried several on Trev already and they're really good. One of my newest HHN finds is the 100% Natural Bath Soap for Kids in Chocolate Adventure. It was the first time that I have heard of a kiddie soap in chocolate scent so when I finally got the chance, I included it in my Human Heart Nature purchase.

Of course, I was excited to use it on Trev. :-)

Trev loves bathing and he enjoys it especially when he sees bubbles all over his body. He'd pop each and every bubble he sees, haha!

Product Review: Human ♥ Nature Kids 100% Natural Bath Soap (Chocolate Adventure)


Gear Up With Lazada's Ultimate Gadget Craze!

An early summer treat awaits all tech enthusiasts and gamers as Lazada Philippines—the largest online shopping mall in the country—has launched an ultimate gadget craze campaign. 
One of the campaigns is the “Great Samsung Sale” which is tagged as Samsung’s biggest sale of the year. Buyers can get a discount of up to Php3,500 and get to have cool freebies along with it. In addition, gamers can enjoy playing the latest Sony PlayStation 4 console for only P23,500! The bundle package is priced at P26,200! Playing with your favorite games will not be complete without a new LED TV. Lazada is offering My View LED TV that can go as low as P4,999.

Change your mobile into something nicer and smarter. Buy the new HTC One for only P25,185! This Smartphone is equipped with quad-core processor, ultra-pixel camera, and long battery endurance that guarantee meeting your daily needs—whether for work or play.


Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary Mini-Celebration

Actually, we didn't go out to celebrate our anniversary. We were just here at home. I just cooked pancit bihon guisado and Allan bought ice cream from the grocery. Our mini celebration was very simple but meaningful. The important thing is we're one happy family. 

While I was preparing our food, my two loves were having a fun time bonding together. 

Trev is very fond of stacking things up to make a "tower" like this. And then destroys it after, haha!

FB Lookback

I know, right?! Haha! As in super late na 'to. Nalipasan na siya sa download folder ko. But then, I just want to keep this here in my blog. :-)

I just noticed, ang simple lang ng sinasabi ng FB Lookback video ko, but it doesn't discount the fact that it summarizes the best things that happened in my life. 
  • I joined Globe Adventure Club and became a mountaineer. 
  • I met new friends. Of course, Allan included.
  • My small, boring world (office, bahay, office bahay, and the cycle went on and on) suddenly became big and errr, colorful! Haha!
  • We got married (wedding pictures not included in the vid but there was a prenup photo, puwede na, haha!)
  • I gave birth to Trev. 
  • And we're now a happy family! Thank God for everything!

Simple Joys Photo: Breastmilk Receives A Thumbs Up! :-)

We're still very much going strong day by day. 
On our 28th month of breastfeeding. And still counting. :-)
Thank you, God, for this absolutely wonderful blessing.

Trev: Miyok, pis, Nanay. Tchengkyu. Wecum. Apub. Afufu, Nanay.


Trev Can "Read" :-)

Here is a video of Trev while "reading" some words. And... being playful at the same time. Haha! :-)

"Your Baby Can Read" educational video is awesome! At 2 years old, Trev can "read" some words na. He would even sometimes say the words out loud. How I wish we knew about it when Trev was a lot younger. :-P

Trev knows how to "read" more words than what's seen on the video. It's just that it's hard to record it because Trev would sometimes get the camera from us, haha!

Apologies about the dark background. And sorry too but you'll hear more of my voice here than Trev's. Haha! Pagpasensyahan niyo na po, Nanay lang. :-P

Click the Full Screen Button at the lower right corner to maximize the screen. :-)

Unleash The Art Prodigy In Your Child

Did you miss Promil Pre-School’s biggest co-created hand-painted masterpiece? Now, here is your chance to let your child share in outstanding child artist Hamzah Marbella’s exceptional talent in painting. 
Hamzah Marbella, 12 years old, is making a famous name in the art industry both here and abroad. Not only is he representing Filipino art on the global stage, he has also won more than 50 national and international accolades, including a Special Citation from the National Commission for Culture, an Outstanding Artist Award and the Arts (NCCA) and a Certificate of Recognition at the United Nation International Children’s Art Competition.


Mom and Me Fun To Be Fit Giveaway

Mommies (and Daddies, too!), Mom and Me is presenting another fun way for you and your little one to enjoy bonding moment together. I remember last year, when we joined the Mom and Me Fun Circuit, we really had a blast and my little one had so much fun! We even joined two of their Fun Circuit events, that's how we enjoyed it. :-)

This time around, they're coming up with another fun-filled activity that's just perfect for summer. You wouldn't want to miss this as this is surely going to be a whole lot of fun, too!


How We Celebrated Valentine's Day

Unlike our Valentine's Day last year, this year we didn't have flowers and gifts, but it didn't make our day any less sweeter. As long as the three of us are together, everyday is full of love. ♥

Anyway, hubby went home with this. Para naman daw kahit paano medyo sweet pa rin daw ang Valentine's day this year. Haha!

Sira ang diet dito. Haha! But thank you, mahal ko. ♥

Puto for Breakfast

One morning, when Trev and hubby returned home from their morning walk, I noticed that they were with an old lady carrying a bag similar to a bayong. Allan said she's the puto vendor daw. Finally! :-)

You see, we've been waiting for a puto vendor to pass by each morning during Saturdays because the security guard said (yes, hubby asked the guard if there's a puto vendor here, haha!) that she goes here to supply puto to some sari sari stores inside the subdivision. She's actually the only puto vendor that has a pass to enter the subdivision and she only goes to the sari-sari stores where she's supplying her goods, unless you meet her along the way. Luckily, they met her on their way back home so they asked her to come with them so we could buy. We, especially hubby, have been craving for puto kasi since we don't know when, haha! And we never had to chance to buy at the sari-sari store. Kung di ubos, malamang mas mahal na. :-P

With salted egg and cheese on top. Ph40 for a pack of 5.


New Bed(?) For Trev

Trev won’t be using his own bedroom anytime soon. In fact, his would-be bedroom is currently one of our stock rooms (oopps, sorry baby, don’t worry, it’s just temporary until you’re big enough.) I love the fact that we’re still co-sleeping. Besides, he’s still too small to sleep alone in his own room and we’re still breastfeeding, so if he wants to nurse especially in the middle of the night, it’s easier to just lift my shirt and nurse him while we’re on the side-lying position. Hihi! His mattress is beside ours, by the way, so it’s like we have a very big bed in our room, with the three of us in there and there’s still a small space to roll over, haha! 

Photo Source: www.photl.com
What we’re thinking of getting now is a new mattress for him. Or maybe replace the foam cushions of his current mattress. We’re still undecided but what’s sure is that we want him to be more comfortable, not that his current “bed” is not comfy, maybe we just wanted an “upgrade” for him? :-)

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It's Fun To Be Fit with Mom and Me!

Keeping fit and healthy starts in the home. Kids need physical activity to build strength, coordination, and confidence and it is the parent’s responsibility to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. How can you do this, you ask? The answer is simple – engage in physical activities with them and make it a daily habit.

For kids, fitness means playing and being physically active. Once they enter nursery until they get to big school, exercise comes in the form of playing tag with friends, P.E. classes, and attending organized sports such as basketball or swimming. However, parents can no longer rely on physical education in schools to provide enough physical activity for kids. They need to play a more active role and make fitness a family routine. 

This March, jumpstart the summer with Mom and Me: Fun To Be Fit, a series of health and fitness activities that both moms and kids will enjoy.  

PRESS RELEASE: It's Fun To Be Fit with Mom and Me!

Mom and Me Fun To Be Fit schedule of activities

New Wave Songs

One type of music that I love to hear is new wave. Maybe because I am an 80s baby? Haha! Anyway, I was able to really enjoy new wave songs back to when I was in college and during my early twenties. I have kept a lot of collection of these songs, in fact I still have some until now, which I listened to time and time again during those days. The sound just gives me the right amount of energy to go on with my day especially when feeling slow and “lazy”, haha! I like the combination of the singers’ british accent and the instruments, especially the very significant sound of the keyboard. I am not sure what kind of keyboard they’re using but maybe a kurzweil keyboard is one. 

Nowadays, I haven’t been listening to my collection of new wave songs anymore. But really, I miss it sometimes. Hmm, well, now that I am in front of my PC, maybe I could play some. I bet my little son would dance with the tune once he hears it. :-)

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Oh, Hello There Again, CD!

Yep! We're back to using CDs! It's really not too late, after all. :-)

I have been contemplating on using cloth diapers (CD) on Trev since I don't know when. I bought him a set at SM when he was a few months old but never really succeeded in using it for a lot of reasons. To mention a few:
  • When hubby leaves for work, that means it's just me and baby at home. So, time was hard to manage then especially with a little baby in tow and you have no helper at home. It would be REALLY hard for me to even entertain the idea of additional laundry.
  • We were still living at our rented apartment that time and there was no place with sunlight where I could hang washed CDs.
  • Baby poops frequently and at random times so changing from one soiled cloth diaper to a clean one many times daily would, again, add loads to the laundry. Which would be difficult for me already. In short, disposable diaper was more convenient then.
  • Thought I would consume too much electricity, water and detergent when washing CDs. 
  • I wasn't well informed about it. 

Even with the reasons I mentioned above, I still kept his CD and inserts. Probably, I know in my heart that one day, we'll still be able to use it. And I was right. So now:

Tmart is Looking for Bloggers or Forum Members to Review their Products for Free

This February, Tmart will have a Valentine's day activity. They are looking for forum members or bloggers to review their products. If you have your own blog, or you are a member of some fashion or beauty forum and you would like to grab this opportunity, come and read on. 
"Tmart.com provides a majority of well-known products for individuals and businesses of all size. With a wide selection of products at a low price, we have been universally recognized for our honesty, high efficiency and comprehensive service and built long-termed relationship with many companies. Meanwhile, Tmart.com is the best source for everything you want." -- From The Tmart website

I have already collaborated with Tmart when I reviewed the Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector. From my experience, I can honestly say that they offer really awesome products. This time around, it's your turn to try and review any of the products below. Sounds good, yes? 

Here's the list of the products for review that you can choose from:


Three Blissful Years and Counting!

Allan and I recently celebrated our third year as husband and wife. I can't believe three years have passed already. How time flies indeed. Thank God for always blessing our relationship. Thank God for all the love, care, and joy that Allan and I share together, of course now with our son, Trev. 

Sharing with you some photos from our album as I reminisce our wedding day. :-)

Swing! :-)

As usual, one weekend morning, while I was busy preparing breakfast, hubby and son went out for a walk. They ended up playing at the subdivision's clubhouse where the mini playground is located. Some areas are still under construction so the only available place where they could play was at the slide and the swing. 

Here were some of their photos that hubby took while they were there. 

Trev enjoying the swing!


Simple Joys Photo: Pretend Play :-)

Weekends are definitely love because it's the time when my king and prince have more time together to bond and play. Look at them here:

Pretend play. Kunwari king and prince daw sila. Haha! They may look silly but watching them play and bond like this never fails to melt my heart. They look so adorable. Oh, how I love these two. :-)

P. S. Notice the toy mess? My daily effort to keep it neat is no match to my little prince. Toddlerhood! Haha!

Note: GIF tutorial courtesy of Daddy A of Chemist Dad. Before, I used to make GIF images using a certain website, this is my first time to use Photoscape. Thanks Daddy A for the very easy tutorial. :-)

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New Discovery: Kodomo Toothpaste For Children

Trev and I were at the grocery in Waltermart one day when I chanced upon Kodomo Toothpaste for Children. I was looking for a toothpaste for Trev because his Tiny Fangs toothpaste is running out already. I was actually in search of Aquafresh Milkteeth because I read in one of the FB groups I joined that it's the only toddler toothpaste with 1000 ppm fluoride, the right amount needed to protect teeth daw. It's just sad that I lost the link of the thread so I couldn't share the exact statement written there. 

Kodomo Toothpaste for Children
Kodomo Toothpaste for Children, Ph31.00 for a 45g tube.

Free Pantene Hair Treatment Kit From Belle de Jour

And so, this is my last and final reveal (naks ulit! :-P) of the packages I received almost two weeks ago. I first heard about the Free Pantene Hair Treatment kit when I read about it from one of the FB groups I joined. Mommy Lally from Lally's Reflections blogged that she got her free kit when she signed up at Belle de Jour (BDJ). So, I thought I would try to sign up, too. Who doesn't want freebies, di ba? Hihi!

And I was lucky enough because the offer was still on. Given that we are now located in a not so far away province, I received my freebie after two weeks, which was surely fine with me of course! :-)
The package from BDJ was delivered by Xend.

I was even surprised when the delivery guy came knocking at our door and I was clueless what the package was because I kind of somehow forgot about it. I just remembered when I finally got my hands on the package and it smelled so fragrant. Haha!

A little fellow actually grabbed the kit from me and I think he was much more excited than I was. Haha!

Ooopps, that's my little son's hand right there! :-P


My First Romwe Loot

So, this is the second reveal (naks! :-P) of the packages I received last week. My first ever Romwe loot. And guess what? This was the first time that I placed an order at an international online store. 

I've long had my gift certificate from them from when I was still posting their sales and other promos here in my blog but I never really figured what to purchase from it. Now, I finally decided to use it because I was afraid it would expire (although I have no idea if Romwe gift certs expire. Do they?)

Here's my loot:


Product Review: Tmart's Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector

In our household, it is very important for us to wake up really early every day. Hubby has to prepare for work and I have to prepare his packed breakfast and lunch. We usually wake up at around 3:30AM so we both have enough time. However, sometimes it’s hard because we have a toddler who co-sleeps with us (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about that, in fact, I love that our little one still co-sleeps with us.) and sometimes he wakes up just about at the same time as we do. It’s kind of hard to manage time if that happens because for one, I’m still breastfeeding (I’m not complaining about that either) and I have to divide my time between breastfeeding him / putting him back to sleep and cooking food for hubby. I learned to manage it though as time passed by.

One of the main reasons why our son wakes up at the same time as us is because he would most often hear our noisy alarm clock. Arggh! But we have no choice but to use one so we’d wake up right on time.

Anyway, www.Tmart.com has chosen me to review one of their awesome products, the Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector. I was thankful and happy! Find out why on my review below.

Remember the packages I received a few days ago?

Package from Tmart.com

Well, one of them is this:

Tmart's Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector