Free Pantene Hair Treatment Kit From Belle de Jour

And so, this is my last and final reveal (naks ulit! :-P) of the packages I received almost two weeks ago. I first heard about the Free Pantene Hair Treatment kit when I read about it from one of the FB groups I joined. Mommy Lally from Lally's Reflections blogged that she got her free kit when she signed up at Belle de Jour (BDJ). So, I thought I would try to sign up, too. Who doesn't want freebies, di ba? Hihi!

And I was lucky enough because the offer was still on. Given that we are now located in a not so far away province, I received my freebie after two weeks, which was surely fine with me of course! :-)
The package from BDJ was delivered by Xend.

I was even surprised when the delivery guy came knocking at our door and I was clueless what the package was because I kind of somehow forgot about it. I just remembered when I finally got my hands on the package and it smelled so fragrant. Haha!

A little fellow actually grabbed the kit from me and I think he was much more excited than I was. Haha!

Ooopps, that's my little son's hand right there! :-P

Nakiagaw ang bulilit! He was even the one who opened the package for me.

The little man in action! :-P

Thank you so much Belle de Jour and Pantene for this free hair treatment kit. Been happily using it since then.

I wanted to share the good news sana to all of you who haven't gotten their Pantene freebie yet, but when I checked the BDJ link, this was what greeted me:

Aww, sad. I am really sorry. :-( 

I wish nakahabol pa kayo sa offer nila. 

Anyway, if you haven't, like what was indicated in the BDJ announcement, you may still sign up to become part of their community to gain access to exclusive promos and first dibs on new offers. :-)

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  1. I got this last December pa. You might want to subscribe to a BDJ box. Ansaya lang. so sulit ang laman ng box. There was a month (i think it was the june box) i got an entire box of Dove products free-2 conditioners and shampoo large bottles, 1 roll on, 1 spray anti perspirant, 1 dove hair treatment

    1. Wow, really sis? Ma-try nga yan. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Close na nga daw ang free Pantene. I want also to try the BDJ box. Makakalimutin lang ako lagi, haha.

    Mommy Maye


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