How We Celebrated Valentine's Day

Unlike our Valentine's Day last year, this year we didn't have flowers and gifts, but it didn't make our day any less sweeter. As long as the three of us are together, everyday is full of love. ♥

Anyway, hubby went home with this. Para naman daw kahit paano medyo sweet pa rin daw ang Valentine's day this year. Haha!

Sira ang diet dito. Haha! But thank you, mahal ko. ♥

Our cutie patootie didn't want to let go of it anymore! :-P

Trev (while pointing to the box): Heart!

The next day, we went to Tabang here in Bulacan and checked out the wide range of plant vendors along the area. 

We bought a few plants (which, may I say, were incredibly affordable!) and we were able to speak with the vendor about landscape. We were surprised that it wasn't as expensive as we thought it was. Initially, we were planning to DIY our garden. But now, once our gate and fence is done, we might consider hiring them to do our landscape instead. Hihi! I will share more about it on the coming posts. 

Anyway, like I said, we didn't go out on a dinner date like most might have done, there was no bouquet (but we went to Tabang to buy flowering plants :P), no gifts, he didn't get me a mothers rings online (naahh! just kidding! I'm not expecting anything like that :-P), etc. But it doesn't really matter. Honestly, we're financially challenged, that's one. But then again, even if we aren't, the most important thing is that we have each other, we love each other and we share our lives with each other, we have Trev, and we have God as the center of our relationship. That's all that matters. We can make everyday Valentine's Day if we want to. :-)

How about you? How did you celebrate Valentine's Day this year?


  1. Yes, madami nga plants in tabang. Maybe once we had already plant box sa bahay, I will visit that area to buy some.

  2. We attended a wedding on hearts day then went to mall but Matt seemed so tired that's why we went home din agad. We just continued with crocheting, hehe. That's our bonding time already.

    Mommy Maye

  3. Gah, toblerone!! Ay naku, mas bet ko talaga ang food kesa flowers. Although it's really nice to receive flowers every now and then! I remember once, tinago ng boyfriend ko yung bouquet sa backpack nya. Nainis sya kasi nasandalan ko yung bag. Buti di nasira yung flowers! :D (In our case, siguro sa kuya ko kami magpapa-landscape hehe. Ang layo ng Bulacan eh! :P)

  4. We celebrated Valentines day a day early and had a short lunch date w/o the kids :)

  5. I made some foodies for my family to enjoy even though wala ako.. and card and chocolates. To make it sweet din very simple pero ang saya pa din..:) Belated Hearts Day Sis:)

  6. Had some flowers and chocolates from hubby and we went out to eat.

  7. My husband and I had dinner out a day early, and then just had a nice steak dinner at home on the 14th. Better than sitting in traffic for hours! :)

  8. I miss plant shopping! :) I've been in the concrete jungle for a long time now that I long to be near the nature. One day... :D

  9. We don't really celebrate Valentine's day but I got greeting cards from my little girls. Wrote a post about it also.

  10. sweet! now i know where to buy affordable plants :)

  11. I spent my day working. Eventhough you try to ignore V-day and all the commercialism it brings ---you tend to be so mushy about it...which is a good thing.

  12. Ang sweet! Happy valentines day to you guys! sundan na si trev! :)


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