My First Romwe Loot

So, this is the second reveal (naks! :-P) of the packages I received last week. My first ever Romwe loot. And guess what? This was the first time that I placed an order at an international online store. 

I've long had my gift certificate from them from when I was still posting their sales and other promos here in my blog but I never really figured what to purchase from it. Now, I finally decided to use it because I was afraid it would expire (although I have no idea if Romwe gift certs expire. Do they?)

Here's my loot:

The two black packages came from Romwe. Thank you, Romwe! :-)

Beaded Self-tied Pleated Yellow Dress.

I got this because I like how it looks but I honestly don't know where and when I will be able to wear this. Parang pang-okasyon lang kasi. Haha! But I love it. 

Floral Lower Montage Denim Shirt Upper Dress

Oh, this dress is love! It's my favorite find from Romwe. I especially love that it has front buttons which makes it easy for me to discreetly breastfeed my little one in public.

Asymmetric Split Oversize Black Shorts

I love the asymmetric cut of this black shorts! 

ROMWE Diamante Flying Owl Pendant Necklace

This necklace was a last minute choice. I was actually not planning on getting any accessories but I have a few dollars left in my gift cert that I didn't want to waste so I thought I might as well make use of it. This was the most affordable item that fits my remaining dollars so I decided to get it, too. Anyway, this is the first time I have ever seen a flying owl as an accessory. Usually, I would only see an owl without its wings spread like that so I thought, this is in some way unique. But yeah, I am just not sure if I will be able to use this. Haha! At least, I can keep it for now as a keepsake(?). Who knows one day, I might be able to accessorize and use it. 

Of course, I fitted all when I finally got my hands on these "babies". I am glad that all fit me just right. Although the black shorts is one size bigger but that's okay. Low waist lang ang peg, haha! :-)

The transaction was fast and their online shop is easy to use and navigate. I didn't even mind that I waited one month to receive my package from the time I placed my orders. I have no idea but maybe you'll really wait that long since the shipping is free.

Anyway, I'm so happy with my lovely finds. Especially that I didn't spend anything to purchase all these. Ahihi! Well, except for the payment at the post office when I claimed these items, which was a minimal amount of only Ph50 each package. So, yeah, I spent just Ph100 at the PhilPost. 

Have you tried purchasing at Romwe, too? They have lots of pretty items that I'm sure you'll love. They offer FREE Shipping on all orders worldwide so go ahead and check their site now.

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  1. Wow, pretty dresses sis. Natuwa naman ako sa necklace. It's cute :)

    Mommy Maye

  2. the shorts looks nice. sometimes i am hesitant to order dresses because they might not fit me :D

  3. Very nice items you have there for free, normally shipping took so long especially if its free, and I figured owl is very popular now a days so, you see them everywhere I even had a nail clipper with owl on it, so I guess its a new style.

  4. Nice dresses! I should check this website out.

  5. I super LOVED the dress yung pangawala and the short! Pahiram naman Sis:) Wow! free shipping and you only spent 50 pesos ka nice naman. Enjoy your nice haul:)

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love the denim with florals dress!

  7. The dresses are lovely. I'm checking their site also and see if I can find something I wish to buy.

  8. I will definitely love to have those dresses anytime of the day, perfect pang summer!

  9. Haven't tried Romwe, sis. I like the yellow dress. Perfect for a laid back weekend. :)

  10. These are awesome loots Van. Love the necklace. So vintage-ish.


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