New Bed(?) For Trev

Trev won’t be using his own bedroom anytime soon. In fact, his would-be bedroom is currently one of our stock rooms (oopps, sorry baby, don’t worry, it’s just temporary until you’re big enough.) I love the fact that we’re still co-sleeping. Besides, he’s still too small to sleep alone in his own room and we’re still breastfeeding, so if he wants to nurse especially in the middle of the night, it’s easier to just lift my shirt and nurse him while we’re on the side-lying position. Hihi! His mattress is beside ours, by the way, so it’s like we have a very big bed in our room, with the three of us in there and there’s still a small space to roll over, haha! 

Photo Source: www.photl.com
What we’re thinking of getting now is a new mattress for him. Or maybe replace the foam cushions of his current mattress. We’re still undecided but what’s sure is that we want him to be more comfortable, not that his current “bed” is not comfy, maybe we just wanted an “upgrade” for him? :-)

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  1. My kids don't own a bed hahaha! We co-sleep together. All in one room ;)


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