New Discovery: Kodomo Toothpaste For Children

Trev and I were at the grocery in Waltermart one day when I chanced upon Kodomo Toothpaste for Children. I was looking for a toothpaste for Trev because his Tiny Fangs toothpaste is running out already. I was actually in search of Aquafresh Milkteeth because I read in one of the FB groups I joined that it's the only toddler toothpaste with 1000 ppm fluoride, the right amount needed to protect teeth daw. It's just sad that I lost the link of the thread so I couldn't share the exact statement written there. 

Kodomo Toothpaste for Children
Kodomo Toothpaste for Children, Ph31.00 for a 45g tube.

At first, I was actually hesitant to let Trev use a toddler toothpaste with fluoride for fear of fluorosis. That's why eversince I started brushing his teeth, I have always bought organic toothpaste or toothpaste with no fluoride so it's safe to swallow. But according to what I have read (please don't quote me on this, nabasa ko lang po ito, it's still your discretion po if you want to follow ), a child will only suffer the bad effect of fluoride if he swallows a whole tube of fluoride toothpaste. 

Kodomo Toothpaste for Children
Kodomo Toothpaste for Children, Apple Flavor.

Now that Trev is two, it's advisable na daw to use fluoridated toothpaste to help strengthen his teeth. 

So, I thought I could give it a try. But sadly, I was not able to find Aquafresh Milkteeth at the grocery. Instead, I saw Kodomo which contains Xylitol. I have read a nice review about Kodomo Toothpaste for Children here

Kodomo Toothpaste for Children
Kodomo Toothpaste for Children is sugar-free. It contains Xylitol and Fluoride that strengthen teeth.

I have been teaching Trev how to gargle and spit eversince. Especially now that he started using Kodomo Toothpaste for Children. And so far, so good. Sometimes, he still swallows though. Good thing I always put a smear of the toothpaste into his toothbrush. Yes, just a smear, not even pea-sized, like most would recommend. Well, that's just me. We'll get into that once Trev fully learns how to gargle and spit. :-)

Kodomo Toothpaste for Children
Trev, as always, loves brushing his teeth. :-)

Anyway, the Kodomo Toothpaste for Children has a slight apple flavor which is very good so children can enjoy brushing (yes, I tasted the toothpaste so I know how my baby will feel somehow). It produces bubbles, unlike the other toothpastes that Trev has tried before, so that's another reason why I just put a smear into his toothbrush. As for the effect, I really couldn't say as of the moment as I've only used it on Trev for a few days. But the little guy loves brushing his teeth with it, as you can see from the picture above, so I guess that's a thumb's up sign. :-)

On a different but related topic....

I sometimes use a dust of baking soda and put it into his toothbrush or a washcloth on my finger to help whiten his teeth. Sadly, he has iron stains on some of his teeth from using a certain brand of iron supplement. Huhu. I have read a lot of reviews and moms keep telling the same thing about that certain brand, their babies' teeth got iron stains from it. 

Yes, it's just milk teeth and will eventually fall off but still, I wanted to find ways to at least minimize the stain from my son's teeth. He doesn't have caries but when people see his iron-stained teeth, they would ask me if I feed my baby candies, which I do not. I diligently brush his teeth daily and been taking care of it since his first tooth came out. So, I feel really sad. 

I must admit that giving that iron supplement to my baby was  one of my regrets because of the iron stains. Being a first time mom, I lacked so many information that time. If only I knew, I wouldn't have followed when his pedia recommended it. Later, I found out that exclusively breastfed babies don't need those supplements yet. Sigh. You see, Trev is breastfed since birth until now that he's almost 28 months, and counting. 

There are a lot of facts about baking soda on the internet. Just google it and I'm sure you'll find many. In fact, I found out that baking soda is safe to use on toddler's teeth as long as a few simple considerations are followed. Baking soda is abrasive so I am very careful in using it on my baby's teeth. So far, I noticed that his iron stains are starting to lighten.

I have been planning to schedule a visit to a pedia dentist but we haven't been able to go yet. Soon, we will. That's for sure. I wanted a professional to check my baby's teeth as soon as possible.

How about you, moms? What's your child/ren's toothpaste? Have you tried the Kodomo Toothpaste for Children, too? How was your child/ren's experience with it? Have you had the same problem (iron stains) with your child/ren's teeth, too? What did you do? Please share. Thanks!

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  1. it's great to find products that are suitable for the kids these days. ingredients used are milder than what adults use and the flavors available are varied too to make for instance their brushing more enjoyable and fun! :)


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