New Wave Songs

One type of music that I love to hear is new wave. Maybe because I am an 80s baby? Haha! Anyway, I was able to really enjoy new wave songs back to when I was in college and during my early twenties. I have kept a lot of collection of these songs, in fact I still have some until now, which I listened to time and time again during those days. The sound just gives me the right amount of energy to go on with my day especially when feeling slow and “lazy”, haha! I like the combination of the singers’ british accent and the instruments, especially the very significant sound of the keyboard. I am not sure what kind of keyboard they’re using but maybe a kurzweil keyboard is one. 

Nowadays, I haven’t been listening to my collection of new wave songs anymore. But really, I miss it sometimes. Hmm, well, now that I am in front of my PC, maybe I could play some. I bet my little son would dance with the tune once he hears it. :-)

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