Oh, Hello There Again, CD!

Yep! We're back to using CDs! It's really not too late, after all. :-)

I have been contemplating on using cloth diapers (CD) on Trev since I don't know when. I bought him a set at SM when he was a few months old but never really succeeded in using it for a lot of reasons. To mention a few:
  • When hubby leaves for work, that means it's just me and baby at home. So, time was hard to manage then especially with a little baby in tow and you have no helper at home. It would be REALLY hard for me to even entertain the idea of additional laundry.
  • We were still living at our rented apartment that time and there was no place with sunlight where I could hang washed CDs.
  • Baby poops frequently and at random times so changing from one soiled cloth diaper to a clean one many times daily would, again, add loads to the laundry. Which would be difficult for me already. In short, disposable diaper was more convenient then.
  • Thought I would consume too much electricity, water and detergent when washing CDs. 
  • I wasn't well informed about it. 

Even with the reasons I mentioned above, I still kept his CD and inserts. Probably, I know in my heart that one day, we'll still be able to use it. And I was right. So now:

  • Although, the little guy is still clingy, time is sometimes (yes, sometimes), easier to manage as I could wash clothes or cook food or do any chores while he busies himself with his toys and books or while he watches toddlers videos that we downloaded for him.
  • Now that we're living in our own home sweet home, we finally have an area where we could hang our clothes under the sunlight.
  •  When we're just here at home, Trev poops at a certain time daily so I know when the right timing is, hihi! (I specified "when we're home", because until now, Trev hasn't had any poop accident when we're out, thank God! )
  • I have learned that you actually don't have to consume too much electricity, water and detergent. Just right. Diskarte lang. Also, the total amount consumed here is still much smaller compared to the total amount of disposable diapers you consume.
  • Been reading a lot about CDs and joined groups in FB that could help me with this journey. 

I must admit that Trev isn't potty - trained yet. Although, he has been showing signs already, we're still waiting for that time to come when he is fully potty - trained. It's pretty obvious that we've been spending so much on disposable diapers although we've shifted to the unbranded kind for his home use. We only use the more durable (and kind of more expensive, too) disposable diaper when we're out. Given that fact, I thought it best to try and use again his cloth diaper. 

Got even more inspired when Maan of Mom Meets World (Davao Mommy) started using CDs too on her almost two year old cutie son Y. I thought, yes, it's not late for us yet to go and try again.

Lo and behold, I have never thought CDing could be so addicting and fun! Not to mention, the effort that I thought I would exert wasn't so hard after all. It's pretty much manageable now. 

Wearing his only CD. I bought this Curity brand at SM when he was only a few months old.

We started using CDs daily since the start of February. However, we're mixed diapering (oops, is there even such a term? :-P) as I still have to add more CDs to my sole stash. Trev is still using disposable diaper during bedtime. During the day, I give him his presko time where I would don him with only a cotton brief. Sure, there's always pee accidents sometimes while wearing it, but we're slowly learning to manage that, too. Somehow, that's one way for us to potty train Trev. 

Fresh after bathing. :-P

Then, I would change him with cloth diaper na right after his bath. So far, so good. Everything's going on smoothly. We're now consuming just one or two disposable diapers per day as opposed to 5 or 6 before. Wow, that's something, don't you think so, too? Laking tipid na yun! Plus Trev seems to feel more fresh now that almost everything he's using is cloth, unlike dati na mainit because of the unbranded disposable diaper na minsan eh plastic yung material outside. 

It's really practical to use CDs. Not to mention, you're helping save Mother Earth, right? Now, I know why a lot of moms are so into CDs.

Sound asleep.

Oh, I'm excited to add a few more cloth diapers para naman di agad maluma yung sole stash namin dahil sa kakalaba ko sa kanya every single day (or every single evening I should say, hihi!). Currently kasi, we're using one pocket CD and two inserts (1 MF and 1 Pure Bamboo - the latter I won from Mommy Practicality's giveaway last year). Ipon ipon lang ng konting fund so I could buy na. :-)

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  1. You can buy the training pants sis. Meron din cloth diapers na training pants style so you don't need to snap it and just wear like briefs. Glad that you choose to cloth diaper Trev. We started when Matt is 14 months. He stopped using CD at day time when he was potty trained at 22 months and completely stopped at night when he was 29 months I think. Many are surprised na his diaper free already, thanks to cloth diaper talaga. By the way, you may buy larger size CD yun double gusset para pwede din overnight. Just double the inserts with soaker or ako gamit ko yung bamboo insert under the microfiber :)

    1. Thank you sis. Appreciate this so much. Galing naman ni Matt, aga na-potty train. :-)
      I ordered training pants, too and I'm excited to receive my order na. We'll see. Hope okay.
      I already received my other stash, yep one is with double gusset, kaso sabi ng iba, mahirap daw matanggal poop pag double gusset. Malalaman ko if same experience sa akin. Hihi. :-)

    2. You can use the double gusset at night sis. Meron din ung Kawaii overnight :) Namissed ko na nga magCD, haha. Ang gaganda na kasi ng mnga designs e. hehe

  2. Ayun oh! Mas cute talaga ang babies pag cloth diaper ang gamit! Heehee. I'm so glad you used your CD again. Kami din, mixed, pero nakakatipid naman talaga. Sayang lang you weren't able to buy from Thrifty Mom Shoppe's sale last Christmas!

    1. Thanks for inspiring me, sis. Hihi!
      I bought kay TMS pero not sale nga, pero okay lang. I told my former officemate about my CD journey and she's interested too so sinabay ko rin yung order niya. We'll receive it hopefully tomorrow or next day. hihi.
      Some of my stash I got naman from Asya's Cradle. :-)
      Tipid talaga, sis. And presko pa si baby. Nice. Loving it, too!

  3. I started out with cloth diapers, too. This was back in 2000. I was able to do so because I had my mom with me. She sewed me those and even helped in washing them together with the nanny. :) I should have kept those, noh? Di pa kasi ako blogger that time eh. hahaha

  4. I also tried cloth diapers when my daughter is less than 1 year old. It wasn't a success a either. Like you, I don't have a helper at home plus I have a full day time job. It is not really easy to add time to laundry the cloth diaper on my daily schedules. But I kept them and use them once in a while especially if I notice some diaper rashes

  5. Congratulations on switching to the more sustainable and responsible alternative! I salute you :) I had bought a set of CDs for my nephew when he was born but they only used it once or twice. I understand naman kasi talaga the convenience of using disposable. Kaya nga saludo sa mga gumagamit ng CD :) Good luck with potty training din, sana yung little prince namin ma train na din soon. hehe

  6. Some say the cute designs are very addicting. I was interested, but hubby wasn't so I didn't get to use them on my children.

  7. It's so nice to know you are using CDs again. You can but training pants na sis. You can also use CDs at night, just double stuff it with mf and bamboo inserts. You will save a lot from using CDs :) Yun lang most are discouraged with the laundry part. Pero if you have enough stash it will be okay. Like Maam said in one of her post, laundry will took you less than 15 minutes lang. But I know that its still time consuming pa din especially if you have many things to do.

    Mommy Maye

  8. Congrats to you on being successful in using CDs this time around. We have a couple of CDs that we bought for our son but only get to use them every so often. Like you, we have no helper at home, plus I have to tend to two older kids and I have my work-at-home duties too. We have a LOT of laundry already and don't really want to add to it anymore. However, now that we're starting to potty train our son, maybe (just maybe) we'll start using them again. Haha!


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