Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary Mini-Celebration

Actually, we didn't go out to celebrate our anniversary. We were just here at home. I just cooked pancit bihon guisado and Allan bought ice cream from the grocery. Our mini celebration was very simple but meaningful. The important thing is we're one happy family. 

While I was preparing our food, my two loves were having a fun time bonding together. 

Trev is very fond of stacking things up to make a "tower" like this. And then destroys it after, haha!

But before he "destroys" it pala, may silip silip pa siya. :-P

Anyway, aside from stacking it upwards, he'd sometimes line them up like this, too.

And he'd get his other toys, like his car or teddy bear, and pretend that what he did is something else. Maybe a bridge, a high way or a train, haha!

Here's one of the things that they were busy with while I was cooking.

Yeah, they're being silly but they're enjoying so I let them be. King and prince daw sila. Haha!

I was busy at the kitchen but I couldn't help but stop for a while to take some snap shots of these two boys because they look so amusing. Trev is very close to his Tatay and I am sure he misses him everyday when Allan is at work so they both make up for lost time during weekends. 

Anyway, here was what I was able to come up with for our munting salu salo. 

 Pancit is one of Allan's ultimate favorites so it has to be at our table. Haha! 

One of the very rare times that I allow the little guy to eat sweets. Yes, he enjoyed a few teaspoons of ice cream. :-P

Haha! Funny Trev!

Thank you, Lord for blessing us with 3 blissful years of marriage. We pray for more and more years of love and joy. :-)

So, that was how simple our third wedding anniversary celebration went. Simple yet full of love. I couldn't ask for anything more. We've been blessed with a wonderful relationship. 

Thank you, mahal ko, for always being there. You know I love you. Forever. And longer.


  1. Wow, he's prettygood with it. He knows how to balance.

  2. happy anniversary to both of you! stay in love always! :)

  3. Happy 3rd Anniversary sis! Stay happy and in love. Ganyan na ata talaga pag may junakis na, hehe. Stay at home celebration na lang lagi but I can say it's the happiest one as always.

    Mommy Maye

  4. Happy Anniversary to both of you sis! Spending time together in this very day is what matters most.

  5. Happy anniversary! Push mo yung activity ni Trev, sis. Lining up and stacking up enhances mathematical skills

  6. Thanks everyone! :-)

    @Maye: Haha, onga sis. Ganun talaga pag may junakis na. Tipid mode. Haha. But then, I agree, it's the happiest celebration now that we're three.

    @JanzCrystalz: I couldn't agree more, sis. That is so true.

    @Marie; Thanks, sis! Wow, talaga? I didn't know ganun pala yun. Sige, sige, push ko yan. Love na love niya kasi gawin yang ganyan, magstack at magline up ng mga bagay bagay like toys niya. Magagalit pa minsan pag ginagalaw ko, haha. Pero pag si Tatay niya ang humawak, okay lang sa kanya, kaloka. He loves to pretend play, too. :-)

  7. happy anniversary, sis! no matter how simple the celebration is, what matters most is the quality time spent with the people important to you :)

    trev's detachable blocks/puzzle is a good activity for his motor skill. stay blessed!


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