Product Review: Human ♥ Nature Kids 100% Natural Bath Soap (Chocolate Adventure)

I love Human Heart Nature (HHN) products. Been using them for so long and each product I use for myself or for my family never fail to amaze me. I really like that everything is all natural. 

Their baby products are love, too. I tried several on Trev already and they're really good. One of my newest HHN finds is the 100% Natural Bath Soap for Kids in Chocolate Adventure. It was the first time that I have heard of a kiddie soap in chocolate scent so when I finally got the chance, I included it in my Human Heart Nature purchase.

Of course, I was excited to use it on Trev. :-)

Trev loves bathing and he enjoys it especially when he sees bubbles all over his body. He'd pop each and every bubble he sees, haha!

Product Review: Human ♥ Nature Kids 100% Natural Bath Soap (Chocolate Adventure)

The photo above is his current bathtime essentials. The HHN baby wash, I use as his shampoo. It smells really good. 

Product Review: Human ♥ Nature Kids 100% Natural Bath Soap (Chocolate Adventure)

"Our Kids Bath Soap works like a charm in getting your child clean and fresh after a long, fun day of dreaming, playing and exploring. Natural yet effective cleaning agents effectively remove dirt and grime without harmful synthetic surfactants like SLS or SLES, while natural glycerin from the soap’s cold-processing helps keep your child’s skin from drying unlike most chemical soaps."
Product Review: Human ♥ Nature Kids 100% Natural Bath Soap (Chocolate Adventure)

"Did you know: Chemical bar soaps contain the harmful ingredients EDTA and BHT, which are synthetic chemicals that prevent discoloration. Cosmetic Toxin Data indicates that both ingredients irritate the eyes and skin. EDTA is also a known penetration enhancer which makes the skin absorb more chemicals and toxins. BHT, on the other hand, is banned in most of Europe and Japan because of its carcinogenic properties. All Human Nature soaps are 100% free from these and other harmful chemicals!"

Product Review: Human ♥ Nature Kids 100% Natural Bath Soap (Chocolate Adventure)

This is actually the first time that I allowed Trev to touch and hold his bath soap. When I was still using Oilatum on him, I never allowed him to hold the soap. After I stopped using it on him, I switched back to his usual liquid soap already. 

Anyway, I just couldn't resist his adorable expression every bath time whenever he holds his HHN Natural Bath Soap in Chocolate Adventure and scrubs it on his little body! Just adorbs!

Trev: Suk! Hashu! (Translation: Soap! Shampoo! :-P) 
-- Update: He pronounces "shampoo" as "shapoo" na, yey! Konting practice pa. 

HHN Kids 100% Natural Bath Soap in Chocolate Adventure is so foamy. It creates lotsa bubbles Trev loves it so much! Yeah, the little guy loves bubble bath. :-P

Here's my little guy fresh after bathing. :-)

So, here's my take about this product. 

Scent: The first time I learned about this soap while I was browsing the HHN website, I was thinking it would bring a strong chocolatey scent so I was very excited to order. But then, honestly, for me, there was only a tinge or hint of chocolatey scent in there. The chocolatey scent was so subtle I could barely recognize it's chocolate, if not for the bits of chocolatey goodness in the soap. But then, the mild scent is very relaxing, especially that I use warm water to bathe Trev. The warmth somehow intensifies the relaxing aroma of the soap, which I like. 

Moisturizing and Cleansing Properties: Oh, it really does live to its promise! Even during bath time, I could already sense that it has great moisturizing properties. Trev was squeaky clean after his bath and at the same time his baby skin felt much softer. It didn't leave his skin dry at all. Very nice. I guess that's because of the natural glycerin from the soap’s cold-processing that helps keep the skin from drying unlike most chemical soaps.

Affordability: Well, considering all the natural ingredients in this soap and its irresistible chocolatey treat, I would have to say that this soap is affordable at only Ph69.75 for a 120g bar soap. 

Con: I guess the only thing that I didn't like about it is that it melts easily. Maybe that's because it is an all natural product and does not contain chemicals that's supposed to make it more long lasting. Anyway, it would probably help if you slice the soap in several pieces and use just a piece during bath time to make it last longer. And oh, I read one of the reviews from the HHN website wherein the user said that she tried to put the sliced pieces of soap in a pumped bottle and added water onto it to probably make it a liquid soap. Guess that's a smart idea! We'll try that next time. 

Over all, I like this soap for Trev. Well, not because I really love chocolate, but yeah, that's one! Haha! Kidding aside, you can really feel the all natural goodness in this soap after each bath. I can see my little one feeling fresher and more relaxed after.

Will I buy again? Oh yes, there's a big chance. And I would probably try the suggestion mentioned above so it lasts longer. :-)

"Have you tried this kiddie soap from HHN yet? How's your experience so far? Share away! I would love to know.

Disclaimer: I am a Human Heart Nature dealer but this is NOT a sponsored post. I purchased the product featured in this review. The opinions expressed here are completely my own based on my experience and was in no way influenced by the brand or anyone. All photos used were taken by myself. Please keep in mind that what works for me may not work for you. But be assured that I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. I would love to get something like this for my kiddies, even though the chocolate flavor is barely recognizable as long as the relaxing feeling and its moisturize.. totally sold for me..:) Great review, Sis

  2. I love Human Nature products, too. I'm using now their sunflower oil as moisturizer on my face. So far the results are good. Haven't written about it yet, though. :)

  3. I recently tried the soaps and loved that they do moisturize, so I'm not surprised that the kids' version does too. Yey! I'll get a bar or two for my nephew as well. :)

  4. I love the baby wash for my son. Soon I'll use the same for our princess.
    True the soap really melts fast, parang perla. hehehe

  5. I love the soap's packaging. I used HN products in the past, but I stopped because I don't get to visit their outlet as much as before. They make great gifts, too.

  6. I'm really curious to try these products din, sis! Pero, yes, pag natural products talaga, it's either madali mapanis, madali matunaw, or may weird smell (sometimes lang). However, I think that's a great thing kasi walang unnecessary additives sa products. (Ang cute lang ni Trev, ano ba!)

  7. @everyone: Thank you! :-)
    @Janz: Okay talaga yung baby wash nila noh? Like ko rin yun. Til now pag may budget, bumibili pa rin talaga ako niyan. :-)
    @Jemm: You may also buy online or thru dealers (like me, hihi!)
    @Maan: Naku, thank you, sis! Haha! Korek ka diyan, maiksi ata talaga shelf life nila. Actually, may mga HHN products akong di ko namalayan eh expired na pala. Waaahh! I kept it kasi not realizing na one year nga lang pala shelf life nila, ayun nasayang tuloy. :-(

  8. I'm actually tempted to get baby products from HNN when I visited their store. I'm using their Sunkissed Mineral Blush and Night Moisturizer now and I'm loving it.

  9. My nephews use the baby wash. I might just buy them the bath soap too! :)

    BTW, I have an Overnight Elixir giveaway on my blog! Check it out! :) http://choosehumannature.blogspot.com


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