Puto for Breakfast

One morning, when Trev and hubby returned home from their morning walk, I noticed that they were with an old lady carrying a bag similar to a bayong. Allan said she's the puto vendor daw. Finally! :-)

You see, we've been waiting for a puto vendor to pass by each morning during Saturdays because the security guard said (yes, hubby asked the guard if there's a puto vendor here, haha!) that she goes here to supply puto to some sari sari stores inside the subdivision. She's actually the only puto vendor that has a pass to enter the subdivision and she only goes to the sari-sari stores where she's supplying her goods, unless you meet her along the way. Luckily, they met her on their way back home so they asked her to come with them so we could buy. We, especially hubby, have been craving for puto kasi since we don't know when, haha! And we never had to chance to buy at the sari-sari store. Kung di ubos, malamang mas mahal na. :-P

With salted egg and cheese on top. Ph40 for a pack of 5.

She's also selling other kakanin like suman but we opted to buy puto lang muna just to satisfy our craving. :-P

The little guy noticed that it was food we were excited about and guess what, it made him hungry and wanted to grab the puto asap! Haha!

That look, hihi! He couldn't wait for his Tatay to give him a slice. I was and still am so amused about his look here. Parang takam na takam din siya. :-)

I was not able to take a good shot of him showing how happy he was when his Tatay gave him a piece. But he really was! :-)

The puto was good. The nice lady vendor said it was puto espesyal  daw. When I took a bite, may filling siya, parang puto pao(?) said hubby.

We had it for breakfast, paired it with pancit canton. Trev had corn flakes with yogurt and banana, and puto. Tummy satisfied!

Next time we come accross the vendor again, we'll try suman naman. 

P. S. I miss our puto in Pangasinan. For me, nothing compares to it. :-)

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