Simple Joys Photo: Breastmilk Receives A Thumbs Up! :-)

We're still very much going strong day by day. 
On our 28th month of breastfeeding. And still counting. :-)
Thank you, God, for this absolutely wonderful blessing.

Trev: Miyok, pis, Nanay. Tchengkyu. Wecum. Apub. Afufu, Nanay.
Translation: Milk, please. Nanay. Thank you. You're welcome. Approved. I love you, Nanay. 

(Haha! Ewan ko ba but he always follows his "Thank you" with "You're welcome". I guess he's imitating us whenever we say "You're welcome" kaya ayun, he says it together with "Thank you" tuloy. :-P)


  1. Me too still breast feeding save a lot of money plus better than other milk in the grocery.

  2. wow, another breastfeeding mommy! I'm a new mom and still breastfeeding my baby for more than a year already. Like what Ms. Rosegen said, breastfeeding really saves a lot of money and it's better than milk because it's natural with no bad effects pa.

    I came across your blog because i was reading about breastfeeding and i must say this is a nice blog!

    It's 28th month here on your post but still breastfeeding your baby. Very inspiring mommy Van! =)


    1. Thank you, sis! I'm glad to meet another fellow breastfeeding mama here in my blog! It's my pleasure, I'm really happy that you like my blog, sis.

      Breastfeeding is best talaga noh?

      We're on our 31st month and still going strong! :-)


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