Simple Joys Photo: Pretend Play :-)

Weekends are definitely love because it's the time when my king and prince have more time together to bond and play. Look at them here:

Pretend play. Kunwari king and prince daw sila. Haha! They may look silly but watching them play and bond like this never fails to melt my heart. They look so adorable. Oh, how I love these two. :-)

P. S. Notice the toy mess? My daily effort to keep it neat is no match to my little prince. Toddlerhood! Haha!

Note: GIF tutorial courtesy of Daddy A of Chemist Dad. Before, I used to make GIF images using a certain website, this is my first time to use Photoscape. Thanks Daddy A for the very easy tutorial. :-)

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  1. Nice to read that you used my simple tutorial. Thanks for the appreciation. I know I can see more gif photos in your blog na.

    Cute nila tingnan...hehehe

  2. Ang CUTE naman.. I'm with you, Sis. I don't have match with my 2 toddlers in the house..kakaloka maglinis kaya:)


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