Swing! :-)

As usual, one weekend morning, while I was busy preparing breakfast, hubby and son went out for a walk. They ended up playing at the subdivision's clubhouse where the mini playground is located. Some areas are still under construction so the only available place where they could play was at the slide and the swing. 

Here were some of their photos that hubby took while they were there. 

Trev enjoying the swing!

Hubby said that Trev loved the swing! :-)

Trev and his Tatay playing. All smiles ang baby namin. Looks like he really did love the swing! :-)

Enjoying the morning sunshine. :-)

Hubby said that he left Trev on the swing while he walked away to take pictures of him. When I saw the picture below where hubby was a little too far way from Trev, I almost had a "heart attack". Why? Because I was thinking Trev might fall down if he accidentally lean on his back. Paranoid mom, yes I know I am. :-P

Good thing Allan said Trev seem to know how to control and balance himself while seated on the swing. Also, after he took these few pictures, he quickly ran back to make sure our son is safe. Oh my. But, indeed, our son looks happy and enjoying his time here. And oh, he's a big boy na talaga. He can sit on the swing by himself na. :-)

My little boy seems to love it there.

The next day, they went back again at the playground. This time, Allan said Trev wanted to try the slide. But it was not cleaned yet at the time they were there. Besides, looking at the height of the slide and my son's tiny body, I might have a "heart attack" again if he did go and slide there. Haha!

Trev at the slide.

Our little son is growing up so fast. Thank God for always taking care of him, for always keeping him healthy and happy. Thank you for blessing us with such an adorable kid. He gave much more meaning and color into our lives. Oh, how we love him so.

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  1. You're lucky to have a playground near your house. That is my wish, so that my kids could have exercise and time outdoors.


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