Trev Can "Read" :-)

Here is a video of Trev while "reading" some words. And... being playful at the same time. Haha! :-)

"Your Baby Can Read" educational video is awesome! At 2 years old, Trev can "read" some words na. He would even sometimes say the words out loud. How I wish we knew about it when Trev was a lot younger. :-P

Trev knows how to "read" more words than what's seen on the video. It's just that it's hard to record it because Trev would sometimes get the camera from us, haha!

Apologies about the dark background. And sorry too but you'll hear more of my voice here than Trev's. Haha! Pagpasensyahan niyo na po, Nanay lang. :-P

Click the Full Screen Button at the lower right corner to maximize the screen. :-)

Allan and I are so happy and proud of our little boy. He's learning so much everyday. You see, he was sort of a delayed talker compared to toddlers his age. Before he turned 2, he could say just a few words lang, I even blogged about it here. But thank God, he finally started saying a lot of words when he turned 24 months. And he's now calling me "Nanay"! I'm so happy! :-D

Now that he's 27 months, albeit some are bulol, he says so many words already I couldn't keep track anymore. It's like water coming out from the faucet. Tuloy tuloy! Hihi! 

When he was 12 months, he already knew all the letters of the alphabet but he just couldn't say each letter yet. He would just point to it when asked to find a certain letter. But when he turned 24 months, he would say each letter na, hurray! He'd count, he could recognize more than 15 shapes, point and mention parts of his body, he'd say his toys' names, he could recognize some colors, imitates animal sounds, he would pretend play, and a lot, lot more! Oh, we're such happy parents. Thank God. It's really true that every child is unique and they develop at their own pace.

Aside from watching educational videos, we also never fail to read a book daily. And even if he couldn't really read all the words in the book yet, I firmly believe that it really helps in his learning. He loves pointing and identifying the images he sees in his books, while I or hubby reads the words out loud. Funny thing is, Trev would always imitate us every time we read out loud,  haha! :-)

We are so proud of you, Trev anak. We love you sooo much, always remember that. :-)


  1. Being a Mom myself, I can very well relate to your feelings. I used to be like that before..always excited with every milestone and new discoveries from my kids. It's good that he can talk now. Maybe you were so frightened before nung di pa sya nagsasalita. :) You have to talk to him more often Sis para ma practice.

  2. I love hearing those unforgettable milestones, especially the talking part and as Mommy of course I'm super proud. I know that, you feel same way with Trev.. Congrats to Trev! and more to come pa yan.. Galing talaga..:)

  3. Good job Trev! You really have a smart son sis.. hurray to that!

  4. Ang galing ni Trev! Kids today are lucky to have all these educational videos available to help them learn faster. Also, don't worry too much. I guess his speech is only delayed but if you check his other skills and intelligence, he must be way better than other kids his age :)


  5. Wow good to hear that he can read some words already.
    I remember Matt with that age too he can recognize all the letters in the alphabet and can count from 1-100. Visual aids on walls can also help...

    Keep it up Mommy Van!

  6. Thank you, everyone! I'm just a happy nanay, thank God Trev could talk na. And he's so madaldal. We don't even have to "beg" him to say a certain word, he would automatically repeat it na. If he wants something, he'd say it. How amazing! :-)

    Daddy A: I saw Matt's vid from Mommy Maye's blog, and he's really a very smart boy. I'm sure you two are both so proud of Matt. Just as Allan and I are so proud of Trev. :-)

  7. It's really such a great feeling to see our kids grow and develop, right? My boy is turning 3 already this week and sometimes I feel like he's a little man already. Haha!

  8. Great to hear that Trev is doing so well learning to read. I'm sure very soon he be talking non -stop.

  9. You are very fortunate that he is a fast learner...but don't worry too much that you should have known about the video earlier. We do not have to hurry about learning because I do believe that they eventually get bored in school of they know too much already at a young age (I felt that my son thought school was boring because I was also as excited as you!)! However, your kid is very fortunate because of the effort that you put to teaching him...that in itself is the bonding that the kid needs from parnets and which is more important each and everyday and for the future for him to feel how loved he is!

  10. Hurray Trev! We are always a proud parent no? And minsan nga we are the person most amazed with our kids. You are so lucky you can watch him grow and see every milestone of him. Way to go little Trev and thumbs up to you Mommy Van. See you around soon :)

    Mommy Maye

  11. Wow, galing! Galing galing naman, Trev! Your chatter is forgivable haha! Congratulations! By the way, how does "Your Baby Can Read" work, sis? Sight reading? Curious lang :)

  12. @Maan: Sis, thanks! Haha, ang ingay ko kasi sa video, kakahiya. Kaso, di ko mapigil eh. Haha!

    It's a 3 part video, sis. Volumes 1 to 3. Dr. Titzer, yung nag-imbento nun, meron siyang two daughters who can read as early as 18 months, if I remember it correctly. At 3 yo, super bilis na nila magread. What he did was, gumawa siya ng video, merong mga repeated words na nakasulat, in between may pasingit singit na songs. Tapos after the word, merong image para the baby would know kung anu yung ibig sabihin nung word. In the long run, pag palagi ng nakikita ng baby yung word and image, natatandaan nila. In Volume 3, he explained it very well kung panu natututo yung babies how to read. For example, if lagi niya nakikita yung words na ball, bat, bell, he will know that all starts with the "b" sound. Therefore, mababasa na rin niya yung ibang words that starts with "b", well more or less parang ganun explanation niya. Haha!

    Try it with Yuri, sis. I'm sure you will like it, too. Yuri will enjoy. Dami niya matututunan dun. Watching the video, coupled with reading books out loud, mas mabilis sila matututo, sabi rin yan ni Dr. Titzer. :-)


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