Product Review: Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste

Oh, I have long been looking for the Aquafresh Milk Teeth since I don't know when. But unfortunately, it's not available in any grocery or drug store here in our area. So, when we went to SM Hypermart last week after we attended the Media Family Day at The Mind Museum, and I saw this on the shelf, I quickly asked Allan if I could get one for Trev. Glad he said yes. Haha!

Product Review: Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste
Aquafresh Milk Teeth Toothpaste, around Ph70+- for a 50 ml tube.


The Mind Museum: Media Family Day

The Mind Museum celebrated its second anniversary and we were so happy to be invited and be part of their Wide-Eyed Wanderer's Exploration last March 22. We've been there once when we joined the Mom and Me Fun Circuit October of last year, but it didn't lessen our excitement as there are still a whole lot of things to discover and learn. 

The Mind Museum: Media Family Day

The Mind Museum Summer Programs (April - May 2014)

(For FAQs and full program details, email: summerprograms@themindmuseum.org)

C.S.I. 101 – is a comprehensive module on the learning adventures of basic forensic science. It consists of excellent workshops, for age groups 10-13 and 14-17 years old. The participants will be divided into teams that will gather and analyze evidence from crime scenes, as well as present their cases to a panel of Investigators. “Staged” crime scenes make this supremely exciting! Winning teams and participants that perform extraordinarily well will be awarded badges at the end of the program. 

There is also a Forensic Art workshop for the 18-25 age group which will introduce the participants to methods like composite sketching and forensic photography that are used to aid with solving cases.

Program Schedule & Rates:
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM per day

  • 10-13 years old  | April 8  |  Php1,500/head
  • 14-17 years old  |  April 11-13  |  Php3,800/head 
  • 18-25 years old  |  April 26-27  |  Php 3,200/head


The Mind Museum: Two Years of Wide-Eyed Wonderment

The Philippines’ first world-class science museum celebrates its second anniversary with mind-blowing excitement for wanderers of all ages

The Mind Museum marks two years of science, exploration and creativity this March with adventures that have taken kids and kids-at-heart on an unforgettable journey. 


Product Review: Eskulin Kids Shampoo and Conditioner (Mickey Mouse Variant)

This is the second Eskulin Kids Shampoo and Conditioner that I tried on Trev, the first one was the Donald Duck variant which I reviewed here.

Trev and I were at the grocery in Walter Mart the other day to buy him some snacks and baby bath when I saw this on the shelves. I have been curious about this variant since I have also been reading a lot of raves about it.

Product Review: Eskulin Kids Shampoo and Conditioner (Mickey Mouse)
Cute packaging. :-)


His Birthday Is Near!

Oh, my! My hubby’s birthday is fast approaching. It’s in two weeks and I don’t even know what to prepare for him. I know that he doesn’t expect anything, what’s important is we’re one happy family. But I wish to surprise him with something, maybe a simple card or a simple dish to cook on that day would do. I am sort of panicking already, haha! Nah, kidding. As if naman I would have to go to a print shop to have his birthday card done. I will just DIY it, of course. By the way, do all these print shops use print shop software? Hmm, never mind, I don’t know what I am saying. Haha!

Anyhow, I DIYed all the cards I have given him when we were still BF-GF and I would like to make one again. Hush, I hope he doesn’t stumble upon this post. 

Photo Source: www.photl.com

Happiness In Photos

Hello there, friends! It's weekend tomorrow, I am pretty sure some of you are as excited as I am. I am more than excited actually because Allan, Trev and I are going somewhere tomorrow and I am really hoping that Trev would have loads of fun. I will blog about it soon. 

Anyway, I am finishing some tasks which are due very soon but I have to have a breather, else, I might go crazy thinking about it, haha! Kidding! I am actually more than happy and I feel really blessed for all these tasks. I really thank God for all the blessings He's been pouring us. Anyway, to relax a bit, I have this habit of browsing Trev's photos. He's really growing up so fast! He's almost 29 months now! Yay! :-)

These are just some, out of the MANY, many photos that reflect my joys of being blessed with a lovely family. I can't post all as it would flood this entry with pictures! Haha!

Trev loves reading and when his Tatay is around, Trev prefers to play and read with him. Waah! Di ako sinasali ng anak ko, ayaw niya. Haha! But, that's actually fine with me, I know he misses his Tatay. Gabi lang kasi sila nagkikita since nasa work Tatay niya.


Dedication + "Mini – Reunion"

Last February, I received an invite from a friend/former officemate for her daughter’s dedication. She, together with her husband and daughter, is already based in Europe but decided that the dedication be held here in our country. I remember she invited us too on her wedding day (held here in the Philippines) more than two years ago but I was already 9 months pregnant that time and afraid to leave home, so we were not able to go. It’s been a while since we last saw each other so I thought it's the perfect time to catch up. 

Anyway, we were chatting on Facebook because at the time she was inviting us, they were still in Germany and bound to leave for the Philippines in a few days. So, she sent me instead a copy of their e-invitation. Since time was short, it was pretty convenient to just send invites via social media. Aside from that, they don’t need to go hire someone to make envelope prints. That’s what we did too for Trev’s christening and 1st birthday. Anyway, her daughter’s party theme was cute, minions! Hihi!

So, we went to Primero Casa Filipino in Quezon City all the way from Bulacan. Good thing the location was very easy to find. The place was nice and cozy (errr, except for one thing, but nah, let’s just brush it off, that’s okay!). The food was delish, too! 

 My happy little boy. He was about to dance "Gentleman" in this picture above. :-P

Western Union Pays Tribute To Mother’s Love

Rewarding Filipina moms with the chance
 to celebrate Graduation Day with their child back home

Ten Filipina working moms in the United Kingdom (UK) will get to spend a special Graduation Day dinner with their child in the Philippines as a reward for their unwavering dedication to providing a better life back home, The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU), a leader in global payment services, announced today.

Through the Western Union® Mother’s Pride contest, the top ten Filipina moms in the UK who post their sweetest picture of themselves and their graduating child on Facebook (www.facebook.com/WesternUnionUK), Twitter or Instagram (#Wumotherspride) and collect the most votes, will be rewarded with two Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets each to stay in touch with their loved ones, starting with a specially prepared “online dinner” to celebrate their child’s graduation.  

Western Union Pays Tribute To Mother’s Love


Frustrated Guitar Player

Sad that I do not know how to play a single musical instrument, haha! I have always wanted to play the guitar. I remember I asked my brother to teach me how. Well, he was patient enough to teach me, I was even able to somehow memorize some of the keys, etc, and how to position my fingers on the strings but then, in the end, I still failed to learn. My brother said I have small hands and short fingers so I couldn’t reach some of the strings properly. That’s why I was having a hard time. 

Well, that was when we were younger. Do fingers ever grow a few millimeters as we age? Haha! I'm still hoping I would be able to play the guitar. Malay mo, my fingers are a little bit longer now. :-P

Photo Source: www.photl.com

Simple Joys Photo: CDs!

Cloth Diapers
Never thought that seeing our clothesline with CDs could make me giddy and happy! Haha! Lalo na siguro if I have more than 4. No wonder other moms are getting addicted to it. The designs are just so adorbs plus the fact that you know you are in a way taking care of Mother Nature and of course, the money you're saving from buying DDs. 


Now Watching: August Rush

I can’t remember the first time I watched this movie. But since then, I have watched it again several times after. The other day, while hubby was searching for a movie to watch, he found this again and played it. It never fails to amuse me and sometimes makes me cry, haha! I know, it's really not a tear jerker kind of movie but I am very easily moved to tears even by movies like this. Never mind that I watched it hundreds of times already.

Image Source


Cloth Diaper: Sunbaby Trainers

So, I have already shared with you a comparison between the Sunbaby Size 2 cloth diaper and Alva 4.0. This time around, let's talk about the next fluffy mail I received last month.

Before anything else, let me just show you the picture of this happy little guy when the package arrived.

The pink/peach cloth diaper (CD) isn't mine. It's for my former officemate's daughter. She just requested me to order it for her, so I got it together with Trev's trainers. By the way, it's an Alva Big Baby. I just included it in the pic so you would see it, too, and probably have a reference in case you're planning to get one. Anyway, notice the difference in size? :-)


On Make Up And Prom Nights

My niece (hubby's niece actually) went here a few weeks ago to ask me to do her hair and make up for their prom night. I knowww, haha! At first, I was like, why me?!? I know nothing about make up. I’m not in every inch good at applying it. For one, I don’t use make up even when I was still working. Until now, I am very fine and happy with just a face powder and a lip gloss. Well, the first and only time that I really did my own make up was when Allan and I had our pre-nup pictorial. I did it for the simple reason that I was just being frugal since we're spending for our wedding already. And what I did was a very simple make up, not the party mode kind. Haha! 

Anyway, I couldn’t refuse her so I had to do a trial make up first so I won’t screw up her looks. Thanks to Google and Youtube, I feel like we were able to come up with quite a good job (clap clap!). “We” because she also dug in and tried applying some colors on her face herself. Haha! In the end, we were like playing already. It was fun actually. 

The prom went well according to her. They had a night of fun, dancing, and partying.

Photo Source: www.photl.com


Trev: "Yummy!"

I have been cooking pancit almost every week, yes, kahit walang okasyon. Haha!

It's simple, easy and quick to cook. Not to mention, very affordable. Imagine, I can have a budget of just about Ph50-Ph100 (depends if you like your pancit with lots of veggies and extras, but even if it's just pechay baguio -- yes I use that as substitute to cabbage because it's much cheaper -- and a piece of carrot, okay pa rin.), and I can cook pancit which can serve three to four (even five) persons already. Mura na, busog ka pa!

Also, it's one of hubby's ultimate favorites! Our little boy loves it, too. Mana sa Tatay talaga. :-) 

Trev: "Pisit, yummy!". Translation: "Pancit, yummy!" #happynanay :-)


Trev: "Let it goooo!"

I guess a lot of kids who have watched the Disney movie "Frozen" could not get enough of its soundtrack, too. We've watched the movie countless times already because our little boy almost always wants to watch it, well, next to Cars, Turbo, and Planes. Haha!

Anyway, he loves Olaf and the song "Let It Go". The scene that he likes the most would have to be the part where Ana was trying to wake up Elsa so they could play. He'd always look amused at that scene, especially the part where Ana fell from the bed. :-P He'd also imitate Elsa's hands when she was creating Olaf.

And, he always sings the song "Let it Go" everytime. I think it's his favorite already. Ahihi!

Here are some of his versions, with uhmm, some distractions:

Seriously singing until he saw Olaf. He got distracted and exclaimed "Olaf!" instead, haha!

PANDORA Spring Collection 2014

Flowers begin to blossom and fill the air with their fragrance as Spring comes again with a promise of joy and new beginnings. Butterflies emerge from their cocoons and start to stretch their wings as they flutter from garden to garden, celebrating their newfound beauty. The young girls come out to enjoy the heat of sun as the breeze blows past their lacey dresses.

New Books + A Toy

Finally, we were able to go out last Sunday. It’s been a while since the last time we went to the mall, haha! Anyway, hubby said he wanted us to go to the nearby Robinson’s here in our area because for the past 3 months that we moved in here, we never really got the chance to go and window shop there (haha, window shop talaga!). 

So, there. We were really just supposed to window shop but then, we couldn’t resist getting a few items for the little one. We were actually looking for a toy guitar that’s similar to the classic jerry cantrell guitar because Trev loves guitar, but sadly, we couldn’t find any. 

Instead, we saw these:

A picture book and a toy digger truck. :-)


New CD Stash + A Comparison

I started getting serious in cloth diapering Trev since the start of February this year (I know, so late na). Anyway, my son has been using and I have been washing his one and only Curity Cloth Diaper (which, by the way, I bought from SM North EDSA more than a year ago pa) every day so he can use it again the next day. I kind of noticed that it looks overly used already so I told myself that I needed to buy additional CDs soon.

I searched which brands have good reviews and at the same time, affordable since I don't have the budget to buy expensive ones. I read a lot about CDs and joined social media groups so I could get more information. (I remember tuloy when I was still starting to breastfeed Trev, social media was my only source of information, well aside from the books I bought when I was still pregnant.)

Anyway, I was lucky to find online shops that sell cloth diapers (CD) at very affordable prices, some even have promos, and they offer the easiest mode of payment (at least in my opinion), GCASH, haha! 

So, for my son's new stash, I decided to start with Sunbaby Size 2 and Alva Baby 4.0. I got one each from Asya's Cradle. The transaction was fast and smooth, and although the items were not on promo, I got a little something from Ms. VG of Asya's Cradle, so nice! After payment, I got the items the next day! (By the way, I bought these CDs last Feb pa, haha. Yeah, right, late post. :-P)

Here they are:

Sunbaby Size 2 and Alva Baby 4.0
Sunbaby in Retro Dots and Alva in Robots


Gifts and New Product Discoveries

Hello there! Been thinking about what to blog about. The truth is, I have so many stories to tell and my back logs keep piling up, but I don't know why I feel like my brain couldn't figure out what to write about first. Haha! Maybe because our laptop seems like it's dying on us already, huhu. No! We can't afford to buy a new one anytime soon. I hope it's nothing serious and it goes back to normal again. 

Anyway, let's see. Last week was such a happy week because I received some gifts for myself and for my little boy. 

Here they are: 

Young Picasso Kit from Wyeth Philippines

Greenbulb PR called me and asked for my address because they said they would like to send a little something for my son. Since our address is now in a not-so-far province, they kindly asked for a Metro address so I just gave my hubby's office address instead and of course, informed hubby first about it. The messenger arrived the next day and handed this over to him -- the limited edition Young Piccaso Kit featuring Hamzah Marbella, the 12-year old boy who's making a a famous name in the art industry both here and abroad. Know more about him from the press release that I posted here.