Dedication + "Mini – Reunion"

Last February, I received an invite from a friend/former officemate for her daughter’s dedication. She, together with her husband and daughter, is already based in Europe but decided that the dedication be held here in our country. I remember she invited us too on her wedding day (held here in the Philippines) more than two years ago but I was already 9 months pregnant that time and afraid to leave home, so we were not able to go. It’s been a while since we last saw each other so I thought it's the perfect time to catch up. 

Anyway, we were chatting on Facebook because at the time she was inviting us, they were still in Germany and bound to leave for the Philippines in a few days. So, she sent me instead a copy of their e-invitation. Since time was short, it was pretty convenient to just send invites via social media. Aside from that, they don’t need to go hire someone to make envelope prints. That’s what we did too for Trev’s christening and 1st birthday. Anyway, her daughter’s party theme was cute, minions! Hihi!

So, we went to Primero Casa Filipino in Quezon City all the way from Bulacan. Good thing the location was very easy to find. The place was nice and cozy (errr, except for one thing, but nah, let’s just brush it off, that’s okay!). The food was delish, too! 

 My happy little boy. He was about to dance "Gentleman" in this picture above. :-P

 His loot. Contemplating whether to open it or not. Well, he waited until we got home. :-)

With my former officemates and the pretty celebrant. 

Trev and his Tatay happily playing. Oh, the little boy was so amused with the balloons, as always. He kept playing with them after the party. Never mind that it's pink, haha! :-)

Mini-reunion of some Globe Adventure Club members. Nice to see you all!
Hmm, I wonder when we'll be climbing mountains with you guys again... :-)

My hubby and son were both game na game at the photo booth. :-)

At home, after the party. Trev happily busying himself with his loot. Notice the Car-themed chocolate bar right there? Uhmm, no debate, can't resist, I ate that. :-P

Our gift for Sophia were books. There were so many awesome books at the bookstore! I also got Trev a few, of course. We couldn't buy a lot though as we're really tight on our budget these days. But 2 won't hurt. Besides, Trev loves it! :-) 


It was really nice to be able to go out again and see former colleagues. You see, it sort of like became a mini, mini – reunion because some of her other guests were also former office mates and members of the adventure club/mountaineering club that I and Allan are part of, too. I think the last time I saw them was when I was still working. And that was almost two years ago!

Anyway, the day turned out wonderful. Great to see familiar faces after all these years. Thanks for the invitation, Jen. Your darling daughter, Emily Sophia, is so pretty! :-)


  1. It's always great to catch up with old friends. I miss my friends!

  2. It's always great to meet up with friends .. So nice to be able to see them after such a long while.

  3. I always look forward to meeting up with friends. I went to a friend's wedding recently and two days ago, a friend's brithday. It was fun.

  4. The celebrant is definitely pretty! Sis, sana you took a photo of their bathroom.. but I guess, the taste of their food was sufficient to cover up for their neglect on that part of the restaurant. But it would be better if they also maintained it noh, kasi customers will certainly be visiting.

    I also love being invited to such occasions especially now that I work from home. Glad you enjoyed this event with your family and friends! :)


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