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Hello there! Been thinking about what to blog about. The truth is, I have so many stories to tell and my back logs keep piling up, but I don't know why I feel like my brain couldn't figure out what to write about first. Haha! Maybe because our laptop seems like it's dying on us already, huhu. No! We can't afford to buy a new one anytime soon. I hope it's nothing serious and it goes back to normal again. 

Anyway, let's see. Last week was such a happy week because I received some gifts for myself and for my little boy. 

Here they are: 

Young Picasso Kit from Wyeth Philippines

Greenbulb PR called me and asked for my address because they said they would like to send a little something for my son. Since our address is now in a not-so-far province, they kindly asked for a Metro address so I just gave my hubby's office address instead and of course, informed hubby first about it. The messenger arrived the next day and handed this over to him -- the limited edition Young Piccaso Kit featuring Hamzah Marbella, the 12-year old boy who's making a a famous name in the art industry both here and abroad. Know more about him from the press release that I posted here.

The kit includes different kinds of non-toxic paints (water color and textile paints) and a canvas shopping bag with Hamzah's art work in it. The activity is to paint the bag with his art work using the textile paint. 

When I showed Trev his gift from Wyeth, he got so excited. And although he really could not paint the canvas bag the way it's supposed to be painted (I think I'm going to have to do that, oh how I miss those days when I used to do a lot of art works!), I am absolutely certain that he would enjoy painting using the water colors that's included in the set. 

Oh, the picture above couldn't even give justice to how happy he was that very moment. Haha! Looks like I am going to have my own artist in the future! God willing. :-)

Thank you so much, Wyeth Philippines!

Card Holder with Peking Opera Style from LookChem

Another gift that I received was this Peking Opera Style card holder which was sent to me by LookChem. I like the design especially the back part with the dragon. It actually reminded me of our wedding cake topper. Haha! Before you get confused, let me explain. You see, our wedding cake topper is a phoenix and a dragon instead of the usual cake topper with a guy and girl. It's kind of weird because it somehow clashed with our enchanted garden-themed wedding but we loved it the first time we saw it! So we bought it and used it as our cake topper. We just kept on reminding ourselves that a dragon and a phoenix could be considered as enchanted. :-P

When LookChem asked me to choose among the items they're offering in exchange for posting their link in my blog's sidebar, I instantly chose this cardholder. I thought it would look nice beside our cake topper once we get to finally display it (well, that's of course after all the construction work is done here at our home sweet home, hihi!). 

I just kept this card holder for now until I find a nice place here to display it in the near future. :-)

Thank you, LookChem!


Anyway, for my new finds this week, errr the past few weeks...

Trev is now 28 months and I still breastfeed him and I am very happy about this blessing. I know I've said that countless times already, but I'm just really grateful about it.

Anyway, from time to time, I try to introduce him to other drinks, not to slowly wean him of course, but well, let's just say that I also wanted him to try other flavors. Haha! He's tried cow's milk like Oaties, sugar free fruit juices, yogurt drink, probiotic drink and recently, this, soya drink. 

My baby has never been a picky eater (thank God) but I am a picky food giver. Haha! Is there even such a term? I mean, I don't just give him any food. I choose what I think is best when it comes to what he eats or drinks. Most especially during the times when he was still starting on solid foods. I have always home cooked all his first foods and meals. 

Since he's a little bigger now (little? bigger? Haha, yeah, I know you know what I mean :-p), I try to give in and allow him to try different varieties of store - bought foods. It started when he turned past one year old. Now that he's two, he's tried a wide range already. But not too much on sweets (yes, sometimes I allow din) and never on processed foods yet.

So, I am getting ahead of myself again and have said a lot already. Anyway, here's my finds. :-P

Kiddie Soya Milk Drink
Kiddie Soya Milk Drink
It received a thumb's up from the little boy! :-)

Kiddie Soya milk is the only soya drink being sold here at Walter Mart. Well, so far, that's what I have been seeing and nothing else. It costs not more than Ph20. I think it's around Ph16 ata, I forgot exactly, oh no! 

Trev has tried the regular flavor and the one in the picture above which is the Egg Delite flavor. He likes both but he loves the Egg Delight more. We haven't tried the Chocolate flavor simply because it's chocolate and at this point, I don't want him to get used to eating chocolates. Hihi!

By the way, I have been looking for almond milk at the grocery but never found any yet. I would like Trev to try that, too. 

Quaker Mini Oat Cookies
Quaker Mini Oat Cookies
Flavors: Honey Nuts, Apple & Cinnamon and Raisins. Another flavor is Chocolate Chips, which we didn't buy. :-P

Actually, this is technically not a new find as I have been buying these cookies even before Allan and I came to know each other. Haha! The new find here is this Mini Oat variety. I used to buy Trev the regular sized cookies but one day while we were at the grocery, I saw this and I thought it's just right for my son since it's bite-sized. 

It's being sold at the same price as the regular sized cookies. I think that's around, more or less, Ph10 each. 

I don't give this very often but when I do, Trev enjoys snacking on it. It would have been better though if these cookies are soft and chewy. Unfortunately, they're not. Anyway, I can always home cook if I want him to eat soft and chewy oatmeal cookies. Hihi! 

So, that's it for now! How about you? Any new finds for your little darling/s? Share away! I would love to know.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Nice yung picasso kit ha.

    Yung lookchem, twice na akong nakareceive ng email from them, pareho kong nadedma. Actually, iniisip ko baka hoax tas wala rin akong time .Glad to know that you receive the gift from them.

  2. @Mylene: Yes, sis. Nice nga yung picasso kit. Thanks! :-) About LookChem, totoo naman siya, sis. I read about the offer kasi from one of the FB blogger group which i belong to and I think some of us from BC Bloggers got their item/s from them, too. You may reply to them if you feel like it, sis, kasi they're encouraging us to spread the word to other bloggers who want to receive the freebie, too. :-)

  3. i received a package too last year from lookchem.. i chose the porcelain pen, i think.. hehehe

  4. That Young Picasso Kit is great gift for toddlers. I bet Matt will love it. Medyo nahihilig sya ngayon sa pagddrawing saka sa coloring e.

    I used to buy Quaker Oat cookies kaso ang tigas nga. Kahit ako nahihirapang kumain so I don't buy na anymore. Last Sudnay we went to grocery and we let Matt choose what he wants. Nakakatuwa lang parang may pera sya kung makapili, hehe...

    Mommy Maye

  5. @abby: I was actually torn if i'd get the porcelain pen. hihi!
    @Maye: Matigas nga, haha! lalo na yung regular size. Kaya ang ginagawa ko hinahati hati ko bago ko ibigay kay Trev, hihi. Enjoy naman siya. Sana lang chewy and soft siya talaga noh? mas okay sana. :-)

  6. Nice Picasso kit there...I know Trev was really excited about it.

  7. How much does the Kit cost? do you need to purchase Milk just to get one?

  8. @Leira: Naku, sis, I am so sorry but I honestly have no idea how much. Wyeth, thru Greenbulb PR, gave it to my son as a gift. :-) The kit includes a Promil Preschool milk but I am still breastfeeding my 28 month old son so I just gave the milk to my husband's 7 year old nephew. :-)

    Thanks for dropping by! :-)

  9. Wow, I bet my son would also love that Picasso kit! I've never tried letting him play with paint yet, just crayons. Nice grocery finds, by the way. My kids love Quaker Oaties. :)

  10. The Picasso Kit is so awesome bet my toddlers love to have one of those, and the card holder is so nice din! and of course the foodie finds, sarap naman!:)


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