Happiness In Photos

Hello there, friends! It's weekend tomorrow, I am pretty sure some of you are as excited as I am. I am more than excited actually because Allan, Trev and I are going somewhere tomorrow and I am really hoping that Trev would have loads of fun. I will blog about it soon. 

Anyway, I am finishing some tasks which are due very soon but I have to have a breather, else, I might go crazy thinking about it, haha! Kidding! I am actually more than happy and I feel really blessed for all these tasks. I really thank God for all the blessings He's been pouring us. Anyway, to relax a bit, I have this habit of browsing Trev's photos. He's really growing up so fast! He's almost 29 months now! Yay! :-)

These are just some, out of the MANY, many photos that reflect my joys of being blessed with a lovely family. I can't post all as it would flood this entry with pictures! Haha!

Trev loves reading and when his Tatay is around, Trev prefers to play and read with him. Waah! Di ako sinasali ng anak ko, ayaw niya. Haha! But, that's actually fine with me, I know he misses his Tatay. Gabi lang kasi sila nagkikita since nasa work Tatay niya.

 Oh, he can't get over Cars, Planes, and Turbo. He most often would request me or his Tatay to play it over and over again. 
Good thing he also likes Word World, Brainy Baby and Your Baby Can Read. :-P

 And since he likes the movie Planes, hubby bought him toy planes! And it's one of his fave toys now. Trev always makes them "fly", with sound pa, he'd say "Ssssss, Sssss, Ssss" while pretending it's flying. Haha! The best part is, those are just less than Ph40 for 3 planes already. :-)

 Okay, he likes taking selfies! Haha! 

 I was just making fun of his hair that day. Of course, he had no idea what I just did. :-P

Every night during bed time, he prefers sleeping beside his Tatay, like so. 
So sweet. BUT, he would always crawl beside me in the middle of the night whenever he wants to nurse. Hihi. :-)

Pagbigyan niyo na ako, I just have to include this. Haha! I don't know what has gotten into my husband's mind but he got me these blouses last week. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I ever bought one for myself but I really don't mind. That's okay. Considering our financial status, I wouldn't think of buying anything for myself as of the moment. Naawa siguro si hubby, wala na akong damit. Haha! Thank you, mahal ko! ♥

So, that's it, pancit. Got to go finish my tasks now. Happy Friday!


  1. Awwww, sweet ni hubby! And ang cute ni Trev as always. Saan kaya kayo pumunta? I'll be waiting for updates! Hehe

    PS: Bakit same ang toys and books ni Yuri at Trev? Pig's Egg! :D

  2. @Maan: We went to the Mind Museum Family Event Day today, 2nd year anniversary nila. It was so much fun! Will blog about it soon.

    Haha! Pansin mo rin ba? Alam mo, hindi ko rin alam ba't sila pareho. Di lang yang Pig's Egg, may iba pang books silang same. As in, bukod sa books, pati yung toys, like yang hawak niyang blue keyboard na yan, I think I saw the same toy sa isa sa mga pics that you uploaded in one of your posts, right? Kakatuwa! :-)

  3. These are the cutest photos of your family... I hope you had a great time at the museum. looking forward to reading the post.

  4. Those photos mean happiness :) Baligtad naman, si Matt ayaw tumabi sa Daddy nya, hehe. And your hubby is so sweet ha :)

    Mommy Maye

  5. Its so sweet when the father and son is bonding or even just sleeping together. I myself likes to take photos of my son and husband together. thanks for sharing your pictures


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