His Birthday Is Near!

Oh, my! My hubby’s birthday is fast approaching. It’s in two weeks and I don’t even know what to prepare for him. I know that he doesn’t expect anything, what’s important is we’re one happy family. But I wish to surprise him with something, maybe a simple card or a simple dish to cook on that day would do. I am sort of panicking already, haha! Nah, kidding. As if naman I would have to go to a print shop to have his birthday card done. I will just DIY it, of course. By the way, do all these print shops use print shop software? Hmm, never mind, I don’t know what I am saying. Haha!

Anyhow, I DIYed all the cards I have given him when we were still BF-GF and I would like to make one again. Hush, I hope he doesn’t stumble upon this post. 

Photo Source: www.photl.com

Okay, I’ll go gather materials now so I can start with this simple surprise. I would love for Trev to help me, maybe he can do the coloring part. When Allan sees Trev's work, I am certain he would love our simple card even more. :-P


  1. Weeh! Happy Birthday! Looking forward for that wonderful full of love birthday card.. :-)

  2. A DIY card would be lovely! For sure your hubbie would like it very much just as you said when he sees Trev's work. Good luck sis and have a great weekend!

  3. I think that would be a wonderful gift straight from the heart. i hope you will share the photo of it with us. Happy Birthday wishes to your hubby.

  4. Did my comment go through? Anyway, I'm excited in what the birthday would bring. =)

  5. I think he would like gadgets that you can share with him.


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