New Books + A Toy

Finally, we were able to go out last Sunday. It’s been a while since the last time we went to the mall, haha! Anyway, hubby said he wanted us to go to the nearby Robinson’s here in our area because for the past 3 months that we moved in here, we never really got the chance to go and window shop there (haha, window shop talaga!). 

So, there. We were really just supposed to window shop but then, we couldn’t resist getting a few items for the little one. We were actually looking for a toy guitar that’s similar to the classic jerry cantrell guitar because Trev loves guitar, but sadly, we couldn’t find any. 

Instead, we saw these:

A picture book and a toy digger truck. :-)
Update as of 03/17/14: We bought this book, too, aside from the ones above. I don't know why I forgot to include it in this post. Tsk tsk, my bad. 

He already has 3 pop up books (gifts from his Ninong)
and this one is an addition to his small collection. :-)

And Trev couldn’t get enough of those, haha! He just loves his new digger truck and those books are his current favorites. He totally forgot about his toy guitar. Good thing that the shop we went to offers affordable toys and books. We spent only a little over a hundred pesos for those three items. When Trev saw that digger truck, he didn't let go of it already so hubby sensed that Trev really likes it. And he was right! 

When we went into the book section, I was overwhelmed and I got really excited to see so many affordable books for Trev. I wanted to buy a lot. But since we were on a very tight budget, we only got two for now. At least now we know where to get affordable books next time. The one here in Waltermart where I usually buy Trev's board books has closed already, huhu. 

Anyway, when we got home, the little one was so excited to read one of his new books. 

I love seeing them read together. Funny thing is, when his Tatay is around, Trev always wants to read with him and not with me, haha!

We're happy that Trev likes our new finds for him. 

By the way, the other day, hubby went home with posters for Trev, too, in replacement to the posters we left at our rented apartment when we moved in here. So, now Trev's back to looking at our walls again, haha! Hubby got him posters of the alphabet, numbers (1-100), colors and shapes. 

How about you? What's your new find for your little one? :-)


  1. Awww I remember when my son was crazy for trucks! I also used to buy him lots of picture books, and they helped to stimulate learning in him at an early age. Yun lang, now that he's older, I have all these books and I don't know where to put them anymore.

  2. My son is obsessed about cars and truck. Actually we have same rug you have and my son love to play with it. I think Trev and my Son will be good plymate.:)
    Sayang malayo lang tayo.

  3. Great finds sis.. As for me, I got quite few for the two kids but wasn't able to post yet.. One at a time na lang muna hehehe busy ang peg..


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