New CD Stash + A Comparison

I started getting serious in cloth diapering Trev since the start of February this year (I know, so late na). Anyway, my son has been using and I have been washing his one and only Curity Cloth Diaper (which, by the way, I bought from SM North EDSA more than a year ago pa) every day so he can use it again the next day. I kind of noticed that it looks overly used already so I told myself that I needed to buy additional CDs soon.

I searched which brands have good reviews and at the same time, affordable since I don't have the budget to buy expensive ones. I read a lot about CDs and joined social media groups so I could get more information. (I remember tuloy when I was still starting to breastfeed Trev, social media was my only source of information, well aside from the books I bought when I was still pregnant.)

Anyway, I was lucky to find online shops that sell cloth diapers (CD) at very affordable prices, some even have promos, and they offer the easiest mode of payment (at least in my opinion), GCASH, haha! 

So, for my son's new stash, I decided to start with Sunbaby Size 2 and Alva Baby 4.0. I got one each from Asya's Cradle. The transaction was fast and smooth, and although the items were not on promo, I got a little something from Ms. VG of Asya's Cradle, so nice! After payment, I got the items the next day! (By the way, I bought these CDs last Feb pa, haha. Yeah, right, late post. :-P)

Here they are:

Sunbaby Size 2 and Alva Baby 4.0
Sunbaby in Retro Dots and Alva in Robots

I really love Asya's Cradle's packaging. I saw from their album another of their eco bag design that says "Keep Calm and Cloth Diaper", so cute! 

I was so happy to finally receive Trev's new CDs! I immediately opened it like an excited kid, haha! 

The first thing I did? Well, I compared the two. The reason why I got one of different brands is that I would like to know their differences first hand and I wanted to try a variety so I would know which suits my son better. Like what I have always been seeing from reviews, what's good for someone may not always be okay for another.

Sunbaby Size 2 on the left and Alva 4.0 on the right.

From the above picture, did you notice that Sunbaby Size 2 is a little bit longer than Alva 4.0? I am not sure if it's just because of the elastics though, it didn't enter my mind to stretch both kasi. 


So, let's take a closer look at each of them. 

Alva 4.0

Alva Baby 4.0
Alva 4.0 Cloth Diaper in Robot Design.
  1. What it looks like when set on the large setting. 
  2. I think Alva 4.0 comes in different outer material but this particular design comes in a minky outer fabric. Minky simply means that the fabric has tiny fur-like texture which is smooth to the touch. 
  3. Alva 4.0 has double gusset, which I read from reviews are ideal for night time use since the double gusset helps to eliminate side leaks. 
  4. Alva 4.0's insert comes with a snap on one end, while the other end is just simply sewn. Both ends of the shell is open so it's easier to set the insert in place. When done, just snap it up and it's all good. 
  5. What it looks like when the insert is snapped in place. Both ends of this pocket diaper has an opening.  

 Sunbaby Size 2

Sunbaby Size 2
Sunbaby Size 2 in Polka Dots design.
  1. What it looks like when set on the large setting. 
  2. I have no idea if all but this particular design comes in PUL or polyurethane laminate outside shell fabric.
  3. Unlike the Alva 4.0, this doesn't have double gussets.
  4. It comes with a tummy lamination which is ideal for babies who are tummy sleepers. 
  5. The inner lining is very soft!


This time, let's compare the inner lining of both diapers.

Left: Sunbaby Size 2, Right: Alva 4.0

  1. Sunbaby Size 2 has a super soft micro fleece inner lining.
  2. Alva 4.0's inner lining is (I think) suede cloth.


And, the diapers in action.

Trev wearing Alva 4.0. :-)

Sunbaby Size 2 as worn by Trev. :-)


What I can say:

Sunbaby Size 2
I really, really like it. It fits my baby just right. The inner micro fleece lining is soooo soft and absorbent and really wicks away liquid so my baby feels dry, while the PUL fabric used on the outer lining is so light yet very effective in waterproofing the diaper. And oh, may I just say that I love the elastics used, too? It's wider and true to what they say, it's super stretchy it doesn't dig into my baby's skin. My baby feels comfy.

Alva 4.0
The inner lining is not as soft as that of Sunbaby but just the same, it's also stay-dry and effectively wicks away pee. I like that it has double gussets. It really does prevent leaks. One time, I didn't notice that Trev had already pooped (oopps, sorry!) and when I removed his CD to change it, I was surprised that everything was still contained within the inside of the double gussets. If he was wearing his regular disposable diaper, it sure would have leaked already and everything would have been a mess. But not with this CD. Downside, well, when baby poops, it's kind of hard to clean the creases where the double gussets are. :-P

Both of these cloth diapers use microfiber (MF) insert as their default insert, but the Alva 4.0 has a single snap on one end to better hold it in place. Sunbaby Size 2 has a default 4-layer MF insert while Alva 4.0 's default is 3-layer MF. With proper preparation and washing, they're both good and absorbent.


Both are okay but if I were to choose between the two, I would have to go with Sunbaby Size 2. :-) 

Up next, let's talk about Sunbaby Trainers. I got one for Trev, too!

Has your baby tried any of these two?  How was the experience? :-)

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on this. I am a newbie and I still have a lot to learn about CDing. This post is just to share what I have observed so far on these particular cloth diapers. :-)


  1. I'll be waiting for your review on the trainers, sis. I want to get some for Yuri eh! I was just discouraged before kasi hindi removable ang inserts. Let's see!

  2. Good comparison. The ones I have were from Baby Leaf.

  3. I didn't try cloth diapers with any of the kids. but glad to know that it is working for you.

  4. I honestly didn't know what CD was until I read the blog! This is really historical for me because my son is now 17! I used to use the old cloth diapers with pins and which we had to literally wash! then, came the other type of diapers, which was heaven for me!

  5. I really feel so bad on not buying like these when I was still back home. Potty trained na kasi si Lily. Just in night she wear diaper.

  6. Those are nice designs ha. Tama try trainer pants too. Mas malaki na din ata size ng mga yun. Meron na din ang Alva I think. Baka the next post you write is potty trained na si Trev a, hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  7. You already had your choice so go for it.


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