On Make Up And Prom Nights

My niece (hubby's niece actually) went here a few weeks ago to ask me to do her hair and make up for their prom night. I knowww, haha! At first, I was like, why me?!? I know nothing about make up. I’m not in every inch good at applying it. For one, I don’t use make up even when I was still working. Until now, I am very fine and happy with just a face powder and a lip gloss. Well, the first and only time that I really did my own make up was when Allan and I had our pre-nup pictorial. I did it for the simple reason that I was just being frugal since we're spending for our wedding already. And what I did was a very simple make up, not the party mode kind. Haha! 

Anyway, I couldn’t refuse her so I had to do a trial make up first so I won’t screw up her looks. Thanks to Google and Youtube, I feel like we were able to come up with quite a good job (clap clap!). “We” because she also dug in and tried applying some colors on her face herself. Haha! In the end, we were like playing already. It was fun actually. 

The prom went well according to her. They had a night of fun, dancing, and partying.

Photo Source: www.photl.com

I think their school even commissioned someone to act as a DJ because there was something like a pioneer cdj 2000 from guitar center at the party. She also said that at the end of the party, someone was proclaimed as the King and Queen of the Night.

Photo Source: www.photl.com

By the way, I think she’s just like, around, what, 12 years old (?) and is still in grade school.  Although I know that their prom was just something like a simple get together, I was still somewhat surprised that they already have a prom night at that age.  During my time (shucks, I feel old saying that!), our first prom was when I was already in high school. Oh well, things surely change with time. The prom I first attended was almost 20 years ago, so kumusta naman di ba? Haha!


  1. I'm like you, I don't know how to put make up. Hahaha. Lip gloss and powder is enough, sometimes a little lipstick will do as well. I hope no one will ask me about make up as I don't know what to answer. LOL.

  2. Oh, I am missing prom night! But it was in high school, I didn't know grade schoolers have it. I'm glad you enjoyed putting on make up sis. Somehow that could be a therapy to our busy mommy days.

  3. I too am not apt in putting on makeup and seldom use it. Glad that your niece enjoyed her prom.

  4. I am laughing inside because I started using make-up when I was close to going 50! Interesting indeed, that grade schools have proms now!


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