Simple Joys Photo: CDs!

Cloth Diapers
Never thought that seeing our clothesline with CDs could make me giddy and happy! Haha! Lalo na siguro if I have more than 4. No wonder other moms are getting addicted to it. The designs are just so adorbs plus the fact that you know you are in a way taking care of Mother Nature and of course, the money you're saving from buying DDs. 

If only CDing was easier for me when Trev was a lot younger, we could have enjoyed it even more. You see, he's potty-training already. Anyway, that's okay. Better late than never nga naman. :-P At least, we are still able to enjoy its benefits while he isn't fully potty-trained yet. 

Oopps, I just found out that I hung my son's CDs wrongly daw. Dapat daw pahiga so as not to damage the elastic garter. Next time, next time. :-) 

CD -- Cloth Diaper
DD -- Disposable Diaper


  1. mommy van, ask ko lang where did you buy your cds? curious din ako sa pag gamit nyan e. Di ba sya nagle leak for no. 1 & 2? i'm thinking nga of changing na din from diapers to cd e kasi very sensitive talaga skin ni baby.

    1. Hi Sis! I bought it online. Some I bought from Asya's Cradle, others I bought from Thrifty Mama Shoppe. You can check them both sa FB sis. Currently, I now have 15 and I decided that it's enough na for my baby. Mahirap na, nakakaaddict! Haha! Di naman siya naglileak agad, sis. Dapat lang na tama yung pagkakasuot mo kay baby, tama yung fit, and meron din namang mga inserts na especially made for night time use lalo kung heavy wetter si baby.

      I suggest you give it a try, sis. Maybe you could buy muna mga 3 pieces for a start. Then if okay kay baby, then build your stash na.

      I hope you love CD-ing as much as we, CD-ing moms, do!

      And oh, you may want to join the group Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays in FB, too. You will learn a lot about cloth diapers there. Some moms also destash/sell their babies' preloved CDs, which are in very good/excellent condition pa, at a much lower price. Maybe you could consider buying that first for a start also. :-)


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