Trev: "Let it goooo!"

I guess a lot of kids who have watched the Disney movie "Frozen" could not get enough of its soundtrack, too. We've watched the movie countless times already because our little boy almost always wants to watch it, well, next to Cars, Turbo, and Planes. Haha!

Anyway, he loves Olaf and the song "Let It Go". The scene that he likes the most would have to be the part where Ana was trying to wake up Elsa so they could play. He'd always look amused at that scene, especially the part where Ana fell from the bed. :-P He'd also imitate Elsa's hands when she was creating Olaf.

And, he always sings the song "Let it Go" everytime. I think it's his favorite already. Ahihi!

Here are some of his versions, with uhmm, some distractions:

Seriously singing until he saw Olaf. He got distracted and exclaimed "Olaf!" instead, haha!

He's getting kind of impatient here because he wants to hear the chorus already. Then, suddenly got distracted again when he saw his Tatay at the kitchen fixing some snacks. :-P

Well, he's "belting" and singing his heart out with the chorus but again got distracted by the TV show. Uhmm, we were watching Eat Bulaga. :-P 

Oh, this little guy just loves to sing. Maybe if we have a microphone, a guitar and a behringer amplifier, he might have a mini "Frozen" concert here at home. Haha! Of course I'm just kidding!

Does your child/ren love the movie Frozen and its soundtrack, too? What's their favorite song from the movie?


  1. My kids haven't seen frozen yet but we going to watch this movie soon. hahah My little girl love to sing all the time:) Trev is super cute!:)

  2. Aww, he's super cute! Right, 'Letting Go' is now a trend nowadays and you must be living under a rock if you don't know it. and Olaf too! ;)))

  3. Cute Trev. Kids love to sing no kahit di maintindihan it's simply cute and adorable :) I love Olaf too :)

    Mommy Maye

  4. Hahaha super cutie Trev! May future! On the other hand, my Yuri is not much of a singer but he loooves dancing. Ang saya lang ng may toddler sa bahay!

  5. There are really lots of kids singing the said song. Ganda din kasi. And the movie, no wonder it won the Oscars - song and movie.


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