Trev: "Yummy!"

I have been cooking pancit almost every week, yes, kahit walang okasyon. Haha!

It's simple, easy and quick to cook. Not to mention, very affordable. Imagine, I can have a budget of just about Ph50-Ph100 (depends if you like your pancit with lots of veggies and extras, but even if it's just pechay baguio -- yes I use that as substitute to cabbage because it's much cheaper -- and a piece of carrot, okay pa rin.), and I can cook pancit which can serve three to four (even five) persons already. Mura na, busog ka pa!

Also, it's one of hubby's ultimate favorites! Our little boy loves it, too. Mana sa Tatay talaga. :-) 

Trev: "Pisit, yummy!". Translation: "Pancit, yummy!" #happynanay :-)

I really find it amusing when my baby starts to touch his tummy in a circular motion and say "Yummy!", like the main picture in the above collage. Kaaliw lang. 

Anyway, I am really thankful that my son isn't a picky eater. He eats whatever ulam is available. I personally like ampalaya (bitter gourd) so the other day, I cooked Ginisang Ampalaya With Egg (another affordable and healthy dish). My son ate it with gusto!

Here's a collage I posted at Instagram

Trev enjoying his Ginisang Ampalaya for lunch. :-)

You like pancit and ampalaya, too? What other affordable, healthy and yummy dish would you recommend? :-)


  1. My youngest brother loves pancit, too. Our whole family does, actually. As for a recommendation, I think baked rice is good. You can add anything you want and your leftover rice won't go to waste.

  2. Amazed at how he loves ampalaya at a very young age. Good boy!

  3. who doesn't eat pancit? hehehe i did not know that it is so cheap to cook pancit.. you are lucky that your child isn't picky eater.. hehe :)

  4. It's great he's not picky, my kids become picky without reason. I also cvook pancit without reason, and spaghetti, too!

  5. My Son love Pancit Bihon and I cooked it all the time, You're right they are very affordable tsaka it my kiddies favorite as well. My kids eat ampalaya with egg too but they eat mostly the egg only. It's nice that Trev is not a picky eater.

  6. Wow, goodboy Trev, eating his vegetables :) Ang cute talaga ng anak mo sis!

  7. We love pancit too! Sometimes, my mom and I would crave for pancit and the next day, I'd be surprised to see her cook it for the family. There are times when she'd buy it from a restaurant and even from a karinderia. And the taste from our beloved manang is way better than if you get it from Goldilocks, promise :D

    By the way, thanks for agreeing to be part of the team. We really need your help, Van :)

  8. That is nice that your little Trev is not picky eater. My eldest is not a picky eater when she was a toddler but now I don't know hat happen that she becomes choosy with the food she eats.

    I also love pansit hehe... as in hindi lang isang plato ung kaya kong ubusin basta pansit ;D

  9. Wow! Good to hear that he is not picky eater. Just like Matt, he eats whatever food in the table. Minsan ayaw nya pero once matikman, naku hihirit pa ng isang serving.
    Sopas is another affordable meal, carrots, cabbage, noodles and evap lang okay na. even without chicken, just add boiled egg. Madami pang iba just keep on experimenting.

  10. I am not into cooking but there was I time that I did try to cook...and as olong as my husband and kid were happy with what I cooked , I was fine with that already!

  11. Yummy naman yan Trev. Minsan naguguilty ako kasi di ko natutukan pagkain ni Matt. He's not a picky eater too. Now, sinasabi ko sa kanya to practice eating on his own. Like Daddy Allan said, pwede din sopas or mami with egg. Sarap din sana may oven para makapagbake ng muffins no.

    Mommy Maye


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