Hubby's Birthday

Last Saturday was hubby's birthday. We didn't go elsewhere to celebrate it. The whole day we were just here at home. It was a fun family bonding moment. I cooked pancit, as usual. The day before that, Trev and I went to Waltermart to buy him a cake. We ended up at Red Ribbon and since we had a limited budget, we got the most affordable roll cake available. It doesn't matter, the important thing is hubby is blessed with another year and we're a happy family. I tried my best to hide the cake inside the ref so hubby won't notice it until his birthday (next day). Haha! Glad he didn't! :-)

Our simple salu - salo.

After our simple meal, Trev and I handed our simple gift for him. Remember my post about my first Lazada package? Well, this was what's inside the box! I didn't want to reveal it in my previous post yet because hubby sometimes visits my blog and it might spoil the surprise if he sees it here. I was just too excited to blog about it so I ended up with a bitin post. Haha! 

Our simple surprise. :-)

I think the little guy wants the watch for himself! Haha! :-P
Then the two boys played bowling (using Trev's toy bowling set) while I clean the kitchen. Trev has been very fond of playing bowling lately. He's been watching his Tatay's old videos which I took when he was still joining tournaments (we used to join tournaments together before we got married). 

Ayun, they had so much fun!

Playing bowling while watching his Tatay's videos.

I joined them after I was done in the kitchen. The three of us played, well, uhmm, I did most of the picture taking though. Haha! After playing, we had movie marathon next. It was indeed a happy day. 

Well, not until this happened. 
When my two boys were playing, I decided to go outside for a while to water my plants. I have just started tending my mini-garden when I heard hubby shout. Then I heard our son cry.

I immediately ran towards the window to see what happened. Allan said Trev accidentally bumped his head on the computer table. So, I quickly ran back inside to check on him. I was trembling and shaking when I saw that Trev had a bleeding scratch on his nose. And it had a small bruise, too. Everything happened so fast, nalingat lang nang konti si hubby to get the bowling pins. Turns out, while Trev was standing up pala, he wasn't able to move farther away from the computer table, thus the edge hit his nose. Aww! Hubby and I were so worried. Trev automatically hugged me tight while he was crying. I asked hubby to get the ice pack from the freezer so we could put cold compress on Trev's nose.
My poor little one. :-(

It was the first time he had this accident. Yes, as a toddler, he gets bumps and scratches here and there, but it's very, very rare because we always keep an eye on him. But this one was the worse, I guess. I hope and pray that nothing much worst would happen again. It really worries me everytime. Hay. Glad, he's okay now. Thank God. 

The day might have a bad time because of Trev's accident, but we're still thankful that Trev is now fine and okay. 

Thank God for this day. Thank God for another wonderful year for Allan. We pray for more happy and blessed years for him. Thank God for keeping Trev safe despite the accident. We pray for his safety and welfare every single day. 

Thank God for all the blessings!

Again, happy, happy birthday mahal ko. You know Trev and I love you so much. Forever. And longer. ♥


  1. Awww glad that your baby is okay and nothing super serious happened to him. Happy birthday also to your hubby. Sometimes, the best and most meaningful celebrations are the quiet ones at home, right? :)

  2. Wawa naman si Trev but accident happen no matter how careful we are. So happy finally see whats inside the package Sis.,, and Happy birthday to your hubby:)

  3. Glad it was just a little bump. Belated happy bday to your hubby!

  4. Naalala ko tuloy when Matt had a burn accident on his Daddy's birthday. I was on shock and still blaming myself now. Though you cannot see the scars, still what happened that day is still fresh on my mind. Anyway, that's life and I pray our kids will be safe all day and night. Para di magscar sis, try mo hydrocortisone cream. Nabili ko sya sa pedia ni matt and it works wonder hehe... Kung nakita mo gaano kagrabe yun face ni Matt ng nasunog and look at how his face is now, you will agree with me :)

    Happy birthday pala to your hubby. Stay happy :)

    Mommy Maye

  5. Happy birthday to your hubby (ka-tokayo. hehehe) Nice gift there. Buti na lang he didn't saw the cake or he saw it but he just ignored it... hehehe

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby Sis. Being with loving family is always best gift ever! sarap ng pansit mo Sis, share naman:)

  7. Love the last picture most of all! Although, I feel sad for little Trev! I also remember when my kid had a bleeding wound near his eye....

  8. It must have been quite traumatic for Trev to experience that unpleasant event... some thing are inevitable though. I hope he continues to be his happy, jolly self the soonest. Belated happy birthday to you hubby! :)

  9. Yes to simple celebration with a lot of LOVE! Belated happy bday to ur hubby! Kiss to your lil strong boy Trev! :)


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