In The Works

It’s summer already and, God willing, we’re planning to have the front area of our home cemented this season so that we could proceed with the installation of our fence and gate. We’re just having a hard time locating who (contractor) to approach so that the construction will be done in good faith. We want someone who doesn’t just finish the work but someone with care as well. You see, we noticed kasi that some contractors just tend to finish the work required but the end result isn’t as polished as it’s supposed to be. You know, parang minadali ba. Of course, it’s hard earned money that we’re spending for our humble home, aside from the fact that this place is a place we’ll be living in for the rest of our lives and the place where we will raise our little one, so of course, we would not want it to go to waste. 

Anyway, we were able to speak with a few already but we haven’t finalized everything yet. We hope and pray that God will lead us to the right one. 

For our cabinetry (like in our kitchen and bedroom), hmmm, well we haven’t planned anything for that yet. Although I have done a few searches online to gather ideas. Woodworks from www.ovisonline.com look amazing so I was thinking I could pick up some inspiration from there. 

Of course, this kitchen is too much for us already, but it looks amazing, isn’t it? 
Just like what the caption said, "imagine the possibilities."
Okay then, I can only dream. Haha! :-P 
(Image captured from OVIS' website)

Our home is still very much a work in progress but with God’s help, guidance and provision, we’re slowly getting there. We’re really forever thankful for this blessing.


  1. I agree. These types of kitchen are one of my dreams too. How I wish we have a big house noh? Hopefully you can find someone to do your front lawn na sis. You have to do the cementing this summer, before the rainy seasons comes.

  2. When it comes to home improvement, matrabaho talaga and like what you have said we need to find the right workers. Kami we always prefer relatives to work for us. Although kelangan pa namin sila ihatid sundo sa province hehe. But that's okay kasi I know in good hands naman ang aming bahay. Last December naman, my father in law made a hanging cabinet for us. Tipid and super okay naman result. In the future, I would also what to build our real dream house. Yun design talaga namin, a farm house with a huge garden. Sayang lang my father is not here anymore because he's a good foreman pa naman.

    Wag ka mag-alala sis, everything will fall in the right place at the right time. God bless us :0

    Mommy Maye

  3. It is hard to find those kind of workers. When you find one, you got hold on the contact numbers and all. My house needs repair and we badly someone we can trust. The last one overcharged us by doctoring the receipt when we sent him to buy materials. tsk tsk.

  4. Let's hope that you find a contractor who will give quality work and an affordable price :) Seeing your hard-earned investment slowly materializing is truly wonderful!


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