My First Lazada Online Shopping Experience

A few posts ago, I shared with you my joy when I received my first Lazada package. I intentionally did not include the content of my package in that post simply because it was a gift for someone (whispers: and that someone sometimes peeks on my blog!) and I didn't want to preempt the surprise. It's just that I was too excited to blog about it, so I did, minus the content, haha! Ayun, bitin tuloy. :-P

My First Lazada Online Shopping Experience
Actually, it was my gift for hubby's birthday, which was last Saturday. Since we're done celebrating and Trev & I gave our gift to him already, I'm ready to blog about my experience today. :-)

My First Lazada Online Shopping Experience
What's inside the package. :-)

Here's my little boy giving our gift to his Tatay. :-)

The little man wants the watch for himself. :-P
I was really very satisfied with my first online shopping experience with Lazada. Like I said, I placed my order Monday and was expecting it to arrive maybe Friday or Saturday, but to my surprise and joy, it arrived Wednesday. It only took me only two days to wait, wow! Considering that I am not Metro Manila-based, that was a really fast delivery!

I even got the item at a 20% discount. And what's even more amazing is that when I placed my order last Monday (using my Mastercard), I didn't know they had  a Mastercard Lifestyle Mondays wherein you'll get an additional 10% discount. So, I got a total of 30% off, hurray!

I also felt secured because when the delivery man went here to give me my package, he asked for my ID. I am sorry to say but other couriers don't do that anymore. It was all okay with me to show him my ID, at least I know that he's really making sure that he's handing over the item to the correct recipient.

Anyway, there you go! I'm really happy with my purchase. I'm also glad that hubby likes it very much, too. ♥

Have you purchased anything from Lazada, too? How was your experience? :-)


  1. I also love shopping from Lazada. I bought a camera and parang I want to buy a sewing machine.

  2. Nope. Not yet. I will one of these days. More on clothes and shoes ako kaya sa Zalora naman ako nagsshop. You got great discounts there sis. :)

  3. ang bilis nga ng delivery na and may nagtetext pa. I think I would do a review on my first package as well. hehehe.

  4. Ganda, I'm sure your hubby loves it! Ako naman, the deliverymen - except for the new ones - have stopped asking for my ID a long time ago!

  5. The first one I tried was 2 years ago when I bought a cellphone for my brother also using my credit card and had it directly delivered to him. And dumating nga sya! hooray.. I tried purchasing again the 2nd time using my credit card pa rin but they did not process the item kasi daw iba ang name sa credit card ko from my registered name with them, paano ba kasi sa pagkadalaga pa ang name ng credit card ko.. kaya nainis ang peg ki-nancel ko na.. Until last year when I purchased using a gift voucher.. hehehe


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