Random Kuwentos + New Finds

These past few days, I have been thinking about what to blog about but I couldn't think of any. I don't know why. My mind seems blank. Well, maybe because I am occupied with a lot of other things lately, domestic duties for example (I am not complaining though, just saying ), that I temporarily lost my blogging mojo. Now, I am trying to be back on track. 

I gathered some stories that happened the past days as well as some of our new finds. :-)

Trev amused with the flowers. :-)

Every morning of everyday, I and Trev always tend our little garden. Currently, I now have pechay, calamansi, tomatoes, bell pepper, egg plants, papaya, siling labuyo, squash and melon. For the flowering plants, I have white angel and lantana (yellow and multi-colored). God willing, when we finally get to finish the construction of our surroundings, we plan to have the front area of our home landscaped instead (we inquired already and we were surprised that it's actually affordable). As for my veggie garden, well, most are potted, but some like the papaya, are planted direct on the ground.

My poor baby. :-(

My little boy accidentally slipped the other day. As a result, his hand got wounded. Albeit very small, I got really worried. He was crying. Good thing his Tatay recently bought this Complete Would Management Kit from Mediplast. I got it and cleaned his tiny booboo. He stopped crying especially after he saw that his band aid was Lightning McQueen, haha! Uhmm, it's not actually a band aid, but something like a tattoo bandage. It's waterproof and very very similar to the one I used on my CS wound (Tegaderm) after my OB removed the gauze bandage. Anyway, Trev's scratch is all healed now. :-)

I remember tuloy when I blogged about Trev's booboos when he was still much smaller. I never want him to get any scratches, I guess all parents don't, of course. So, it really worries me everytime. Anyway, my hubby always tells me "Falling down is part of growing up." May point. We're always here naman to guide and take care of him. :-)


For my new finds, well, these aren't much. Just a few random things.

Oishi Fruity Loops Breakfast Cereals

Oh, as expected, he loved it! I added Soya Milk and fresh banana to his serving. :-)

Corn flakes can be considered a staple at our household as I always have it available for my son's breakfast. The other day while we were at the grocery, I found this Oishi Fruity Loops and got curious. Actually, been seeing a lot of this kind from different brands but I honestly never bother to try because my first impression was that, it's sweet. But well, let's just say that my curiosity got the better of me so I got one. Besides, it's just Ph5 a pack. Also, I had my mind set that I would only try to give it to the little guy just this once. 

And like what I thought it was, yes, it's sweet. I served it to Trev with sliced fresh banana and soya milk. He loved it of course. But maybe, I would just settle with plain old corn flakes or plain oatmeal rather than the flavored ones, for now. :-)

Tiger Energy Vanilla Biscuits
Of course, he didn't eat all that in one sitting. He just ate one. For photo op purposes lang yan. Haha! :-)

Oh, here's another random treat for the little guy. I admit, I give him treats once in a while. :-P 

But of course, I still limit and monitor the treats I give him. Most of the time, I home-cook oatmeal cookies for him, but there are times that I buy him something else at the grocery. Like so. First time I got him this brand. Flavor and texture is very much like that of Bibibons Biscuit Nibblers.

Trev enjoying a serving of Milky Soya Drink.

I have been looking for soya milk for Trev but the only ones available at the nearest grocery is the one above and this one. However, WalterMart near our place only sells that flavor above (or that's the only one that's almost always available whenever we go grocery shopping) so when we went to SM Hypermarket after attending the Media Family Day at The Mind Museum, and this same brand was being sold with a variety of flavors, I got excited and didn't know what flavor to get for the little guy. Haha! Hubby told me to just get several flavors. So, I did!

Milky Soya Drink in Ube, Strawberry and Melon. Price ranging around Ph30+- each.
Oh, the Ceres 100% Fruit Juice is not a new find, by the way. :-P

I was supposed to get the bigger bottles (1 liter I think), but once opened, it has to be consumed within 3 days lang, so I thought it would be better to get the smaller ones instead. Besides, Trev can consume naman the 350 ml (picture above) in three days eh, so okay lang. :-)

For the taste, well so far, aside from the original flavor, we've tried (yes, I tasted it, too!) the Melon and Ube. They all taste yummy. Not too sweet, just right. Me likey, actually, haha! We have yet to try the Strawberry flavor. That's next, today!

McCormick Korean Fried Chicken in Soy Garlic Flavor
Yum chicken!

I was craving for soy garlic chicken the other day because I remembered Manang's Chicken, haha! So since, walang Manang's Chicken here in our area, and when I saw this McCormick Korean Fried Chicken in Soy Garlic at the grocery when Trev and I were at WalterMart, I thought it would be nice to try. It's around Ph40 or Ph60 ata, I can't remember exactly. Huhu. 

Anyway, the result was not like Manang's Chicken of course, as it wasn't as crispy, but the flavor was good. We had a few pieces left from our dinner, so I kept it at the fridge. Honestly, I liked the taste better the next day. Haha! I don't know why, maybe the flavor has seeped in or something. Basta, for me, it's more delish the next day. :-)


So, there you go. That's it, pancit. April na pala, bilis ng panahon!


  1. Ang bilis nga talaga ng panahon! We also always have cereals at home, we usually buy corn flakes, koko krunch and Cheerios.

  2. My daughter loves Coco Crunch too!!


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