Simple Joys Photo: "Flowers" (?)

My son was playing with his building blocks and toy trumpet the other day when, out of nowhere, he put some of the blocks inside the trumpet's horn. And then he suddenly exclaimed, "Flowers!". Haha! 

I didn't notice him do it so when I heard him say "Flowers!", I immediately looked at what he was doing and saw this.

Trev with the pretty "flowers". :-)

And he was handing over his creation to me. Aww, sweet!

I'm guessing he got the idea when his Tatay gave me a bouquet of flowers that's similar to what he did. 

Thank you for the "flowers", anak. Good job. :-)

Oh toddlers! Their imagination is just amazing!


  1. very sweet! at a young age, he already knows how to please women. :)

  2. Being a toddler is truly great! This stage is full of amazing surprises. Yours is one sweet and smart child :)


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