Fun Family Day At The OBM Baby Blast 5

The first OBM Baby Blast Event we attended was from last year and it was indeed an amazing experience for us. That time, we were not able to pre-register on time so we didn't have a free loot bag. This year, I made sure to register early. :-)

Anyway, we attended this year's OBM Baby Blast Event last May 25. It was really an awesome day for us. It was again held at Trinoma. Like I said, I pre-registered to the event the minute they opened the online registration so my son, Trev, would have a free lootbag to bring home. I actually wanted to join the online contests but didn't have enough time to prepare for that so I opted not to anymore. That's okay though because the event itself was so much fun already.

This is going to be loaded with lots of photos as I would like to share my story thru these pictures na lang. :-)

Fun Family Day At The OBM Baby Blast 5
Arrived at around 11am. :-)


Pancakes For The Little Boy!

I have always been trying my best to look for new meal ideas for my little one daily para hindi siya magsawa. One time, when we went grocery shopping, we passed by the shelves where the boxes of pancakes are displayed. I asked hubby if we could get one so Trev could try. Yes, he's never had pancakes yet, well, not until we bought that for him. 

He really enjoyed eating it. Said it's yummy daw! 

Top: Pancakes with egg
Bottom: Pancakes with fruits
Both with maple syrup

Fruit Basket For Any Occasion

When hubby and I got married, one of the things that we prepared for the mass was a bunch of assorted fruits. It was intended for the offering.  We asked the vendor to arrange the fruits for us in a pretty basket so it would look nice when we offer it to the priest. Of course, we were satisfied with how she did it, it was lovely! 

By the way, we bought the fruits from the market. But if you want to buy online, you can click here for the best fruit baskets service. I bet you could find nice basket arrangements there that you would surely love. They have designs for different occasions, too! The picture above is just one of their presentations. Pretty, isn't it?


Promil Pre-School Reveals This Year’s Top 30 And Gives The Audience The Chance To Vote For Their Favorite i-Shiner

i-Shine Talent Camp, a reality TV program in search of exceptionally talented preschoolers in singing, dancing, and acting, is giving viewers the unique opportunity to vote for their favorite i-Shiner.

Promil Pre-School recently held workshops and auditions in Abreeza Mall in Davao, SM City in Cebu, and TriNoMa in Metro Manila. The mall events were attended by over 700 children ages 4-7 years old, along with their parents, to showcase their talents. Hosts Dimples Romana, Xian Lim, and Matteo Guidicelli were also present during the events, with the latter two performing in TriNoMa for fans and mall goers. 

Over 700 kids, ages 4-7 years old, auditioned for the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp 3


How We Celebrated Mom's Day 2014

I know, this is a veeerrryyy late post. (Sorry, busy bee!)

Last year, we celebrated Mother's Day when I, hubby and our baby went on an overnight swimming at Club Manila East

This year, actually, we didn't celebrate, as in celebrate, Mom's Day. We were supposed to attend a family swimming that day but since we arrived home almost midnight the previous day, we were not able to go. Sayang. Matatapos na ang summer, wala pa rin kaming swimming time, haha! But, that's okay, really. 

The day before Mother's Day, we went to Trev's pedia for his immunization (hurray, one more this June and the next would be when he's 4 na!) and we also went to my OB for my annual check up. Since, as always, my OB had so many patients that day, and her clinic hour starts at 5pm, we spent long hours waiting for our turn (but I like my OB a lot so never mind the long wait). Since we live far from Healthway already, we ended up reaching home at almost midnight, thus the reason why we were not able to join my side of the family for the swimming the next day. 

Anyway, we were at SM North EDSA (where Healthway is located) early so we had a lot of time to stroll (after so many months of not visiting SM, finally! hihi!) the mall. 

We bought Trev some new clothes because hubby and I noticed that he has outgrown almost all of his clothes na. Whew! How time flies talaga! 

We went to BGS, my favorite store at SM Department store for boy's clothes! :-)
They were on sale! Yay!
Left: Orig price Ph300, got it for Ph150 // Right: Orig price Ph400, got it for Ph200
Middle: Not on sale, but I really love those shorts for Trev.
There were a lot of colors to choose from!
If only they were on sale, we'd get more than one, if budget permits, hihi!


Instagram Newbie

Like with Twitter, I am also a late bloomer when it comes to using Instagram. I decided to create an account because I noticed that most bloggers as well as some of my friends use this social media also, aside from Facebook and Twitter, so I thought, it wouldn't hurt if I try to sign up, too. And what do you know, I am actually enjoying browsing pictures and videos of the people I follow.  :-)

I have only been into it since February but I rarely post. For one, I feel shy. Haha! (But I'm slowly getting the hang of it.) Second, I am still in the learning stage. There are apps pala that I need to use together with it. I recently downloaded InstaPicFrame and InstaRepost.

The other day, I tried, for the first time, the video option. Of course, the star of the video is my son, Trev. Hihi!

Here are the first two vids I recorded and uploaded in my Instagram account.

Trev: "My name is Atreiu Vincent Cruz Gabaza!!!!!!"
Haha! Masyado lang todo bigay sa pagsabi ng name niya. :-P


New Samples From Sample Room

Finally, after many months from my last sample, here's my new batch. It took a while for me to get new samples from Sample Room because for one, I was lacking points on some of the interesting products I would like to try. Some naman which my points could avail, out of stock, huhu. 

So, when I finally got the chance, I was able to get these. 

Ora Care Mouth Wash, Venus & Mars Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil
and Gluta - C Feminine Wash

Simple Joys Photo: Trev And His "Train"

Kids' imagination are truly amusing, noh? :-)

The other day, my little boy sat down on the bed, got two of his hotdog pillows and placed each on both of his sides, and then grabbed his dice pillow and pretended to "drive" it. I asked him what he was doing. He said, he's driving a train daw. Haha! 

Simple Joys Photo: Trev And His "Train"
My son enjoying his make-believe train. :-)

One Hot Afternoon At The Mall

About more than a week ago, hubby decided that we go and visit the new mall near our place, Robinson's Malolos. So, since it was very hot, I guess it was a nice idea to go window shopping there, haha! 

The mall was more or less 10 minutes away from the subdivision where we live, so it's pretty near. Actually, the nearest mall to us is Walter Mart, it's just a stone's throw away because it's located just outside the subdivision. However, honestly, it offers limited areas to look around and with only a few stores. Anyway, it's also a new mall here so I still hope that they add more stores in the future.

Glad that when we finally got to see Robinson's Malolos though, we found out that it's way bigger and offers a wider range of options. 

The little guy was kind of "afraid" to enter upon seeing the big building. He's no longer used to seeing one, unlike when we were still living in our rented apartment in QC, where SM North EDSA was our "neighbor", too. We were always at the mall almost every week and the little one was so used to it. We actually go there back then not to shop, pasyal tambay lang, sobrang mainit sa apartment kasi. Haha! 

Anyway, back to Robinson's Malolos, Trev got the hang of it after a while and started to enjoy the view. The mall is still very new so there are still stores which were not yet opened, nonetheless, that's okay as we didn't plan to shop anyway. We were just checking it out. I have to admit that it's quite a relief that finally, there's a mall near our place like so because sometimes, it's kind of hard to look for stuff here where we live now, you know, stuffs and things which bigger malls offer. :-) 

At Robinson's Malolos
We saw this train way too late. We were on our way home already.
Sayang, Trev wanted to ride pa naman. :-)


The Biggest Mother's Day Surprise For Camille Prats

Kids love surprising their mothers on Mother’s Day. Some surprise them with portraits of their moms, some give homemade gifts, some even attempt to cook for them.

But few can say that their surprise was their Mother’s Day card printed in a national newspaper for millions to see.

That’s just what Nathan did for his mom, Camille Prats.


Promil Pre-School’s i-Shine Talent Camp Is On The Look Out For Exceptionally Talented Preschoolers

When the curtain goes up and the lights come down, will your child be the star that shines the brightest?

Let the i-Shine Talent Camp, a reality TV program that follows the journey of exceptionally talented preschoolers as they go through a series of workshops and challenges to nurture their talents, be the stage for your child’s shining moment. Now on its 3rd season with ABS CBN, the i-Shine Talent Camp 3 is back with an even bigger and more exciting program.

Mom's Day Celebration At Blue Bay Walk

Looking for a place to celebrate Mom's day this coming Sunday? Why not visit Blue Bay Walk? It's a new mall in Macapagal Ave cor. EDSA ext., Pasay City.

Bring the whole family with you to dine out and shop with your #1 MOM. There will be loads of surprises and activities like Pick-A-Prize for the moms, Message wall and Photo booth. 


The Mind Museum Bags International Award For Outstanding Achievement

Local landmark recognized as the first world-class institution in the Philippines
 in the 20th Annual Themed Entertainment Association Awards

The Mind Museum, the first world-class science museum in the Philippines, was recognized for its exceptional design and masterful execution of exhibits at the 20th Annual THEA (Themed Entertainment Association) Awards held last April 5 at the Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California. 

The Mind Museum Bags International Award For Outstanding Achievement
Universe Gallery


Product Review: CJ's BUTTer

We were lucky that eversince Trev was born, he never really experienced having diaper rash. Even when we were still into disposable diapers. And I'm really very thankful. 

On the other hand, he perspires a lot causing him to have prickly heat rash especially on his neck area. What I do is apply petroleum jelly and it works wonders so far. After a few days, he's all good. It's summer once again so his neck has prickly heat rashes all over again. Huhu.

Anyway, I mentioned a few posts ago that I availed of additional cloth diapers for my son and that Asya's Cradle was so kind to add a little something to my package. Which is of course, the star of this post, haha! CJ's BUTTer! 

Product Review: CJ's BUTTer
"Tuscan Herb" is the scent, apparently. I thought it's the product name. Haha!
Other variants include Monkey Farts, New Mown Hay, My Pixie Pie, Lullaby Lotion and a lot more.
Interesting names for the scent, isn't it?


Thank you, Dove!

This package arrived at our doorsteps the other day. Yey!

Free Dove Soap

Honestly, I was really surprised because I was no longer expecting it. I think I signed up for the freebie sample last February. I didn't receive any confirmation so I was clueless whether I would still receive it or not. I just took the chance. :-)

More Cloth Nappies + A Little PT Kuwento

I am happy to say that eversince I started using cloth diapers on my son since February, we're still very much into in until now. 

A little background about our potty training (PT) journey first. Well I thought Trev would be potty trained soon because he has gained bladder control already. 
  • There were days when he wakes up with a dry diaper. He would only pee upon waking up in the morning.
  • He doesn't get upset when he sees his poop being flushed into the toilet. I read some toddlers get upset, making it a challenge for them to learn to use the potty.
  • When he's wearing briefs, he says "wiwi", when he feels the need to. 

Unfortunately, I noticed recently that when he's on his briefs, instead of telling me or his Tatay that he wants to pee, like what he used to do, he appears to be holding it everytime. Imagine, he won't pee for like 4 to 6 hours when he's wearing briefs. I was wondering why because it's quite impossible he won't because he nurses from me all the time and he drinks lots of water and juices.