Fun Family Day At The OBM Baby Blast 5

The first OBM Baby Blast Event we attended was from last year and it was indeed an amazing experience for us. That time, we were not able to pre-register on time so we didn't have a free loot bag. This year, I made sure to register early. :-)

Anyway, we attended this year's OBM Baby Blast Event last May 25. It was really an awesome day for us. It was again held at Trinoma. Like I said, I pre-registered to the event the minute they opened the online registration so my son, Trev, would have a free lootbag to bring home. I actually wanted to join the online contests but didn't have enough time to prepare for that so I opted not to anymore. That's okay though because the event itself was so much fun already.

This is going to be loaded with lots of photos as I would like to share my story thru these pictures na lang. :-)

Fun Family Day At The OBM Baby Blast 5
Arrived at around 11am. :-)

Fun Family Day At The OBM Baby Blast 5
Finally got our loot bag, wohoo! :-)

Upon entering the venue, we went to our first stop, which was actually the photobooth! Haha! Last year, we were able to enjoy three different photobooths, all for free! This time around, there was one lang. But of course, that's okay because we still got a souvenir photo pa rin. :-)

Fun Family Day At The OBM Baby Blast 5
Sorry about the resolution of this photo. Haven't gotten the chance to scan it kasi
so I just took a photo of it muna. :-)

After the photobooth, we explored the activities around. My son absolutely had fun with everything! 

Played bowling at the Game Booth.

He also participated in this mini game and got a prize! Wohoo!

And participated again in another mini-game from Robby Rabbit. He got that cup as a prize, too! Yey!

Free food samples were abundant, too! We tried almost all, haha!

Magnolia ice cream! Okay, he didn't eat the entire ice cream. I just let him taste it. :-P

First time I allowed him for some chocolate drink! He had two servings of Magnolia Chocolait!

He also enjoyed this mini-pancake from Ferna.

Ooopps, sorry, maliit yung picture. But he was eating Purefoods Fun Stuff nuggets here.

And another chocolate drink, Oaties Choco Chug. But I had to request for a kiss first before I gave in. Haha!

There were other fun activities, too, that toddlers and preschoolers surely enjoyed! 

The kids were having fun here!

There was a Rainbow loom area, too!

I registered Trev to play in this building blocks section, but when it was our turn already, the person in charge wasn't there anymore, or maybe she/he had his/her noon break. Sayang because Trev started to get impatient waiting already. Tagal kasi. Hihi! It's okay. We just explored na lang the other activities. :-)


For us, the best part of the day was when Trev danced onstage! Yay! We're so proud of him!

He actually saw the performers dancing on stage. There was I guess only one kid from the audience who was on stage dancing, too.Then suddenly, Trev started pulling his Tatay's hands towards the stage. And then, he went up there, too! 

I was sooo surprised! Honestly, I didn't know at first if I was to follow them or hide away from the crowd. Initially, ako ang medyo nahiya, haha! But when I saw him jumped and danced, naku, lapit na ako agad and took photos and videos. Moment ng anak ko, so I have to record it, it's a milestone and we were so proud of him! Even hubby was very happy when he saw his son so active and having fun! :-D

My very shy baby who's afraid of strangers and noise and crowd went upstage and danced the afternoon away! Haha! Amazing! He absolutely had fun. 

The funny thing was, while he was there dancing and jumping happily, most of the other kids started to follow suit! Maybe they thought it was really fun to dance on stage huh? Hihi! It was so cute watching all the kids while they were dancing!

Some of the kid performers were showbiz artists.

My son, Trev, is the one in the middle wearing a red shirt.

Okay, feel na feel niya ang magdance! Haha!

At talagang bigay todo, ahihi!

Okay, I can't help but post videos of him dancing! Sorry about how the videos were taken ha, I was both excited and proud and emotional at the same time. And believe it or not, I was teary-eyed seeing my little boy on stage dancing happily! My shy baby was dancing on stage? Is he, really? Haha! Madramang nanay lang ang peg! :-) 

I can't believe time flew by so fast and hubby & I now have a big boy na. 

I kind of lost my composure when I saw that the camera was zoomed in on him and he was shown closed up on the big screen. Ayayay! Anak ko yun, I exclaimed silently in my mind! Haha! Nakakaiyak pala talaga ang mga ganung moment.

It was indeed an afternoon of fun activities for everyone! Bet even the guardians and parents, like us, enjoyed the event, too! 

These were what we were able to take home from the event. Yiii!

Left: Trev's free lootbag which contains a lot of goodies!
Right: Trev's prizes from the games he joined. Plus Allan's freebie from Ritemed.

Thank you once again to OBM Baby Blast for this year's family day! Hope to join again next year! :-)

Note: This event from OBM Baby Blast will be shown on TV on June 8, 8 AM - 8:30 AM at ABS-CBN's Sports + Action. Hope we'd be able to watch it, if not, at least we could get a link sana so we could see the televised event.


  1. That's a very successful event. There are a lots of babies. Hihi. I wonder if it's noisy there if nag-iyakan mga kids.. Hihi

  2. I always go for photo booth too for photo souvenir, It looks like you guys have too much fun, at free testing of foodies pah. Great bonding moments with family as well.:)

  3. Wow naman! Trev is so active and really enjoyed his show hehehe.. The even was in successful based on your photos.. Parang sumali na rin kami hehehe.. thanks for sharing sis.

  4. Such a happy event! And of course, nakakaproud talaga na nasa highlight si Trev!

  5. What a fun day indeed. Love to go an event like that with lots of food to try and giveaways.

  6. That's such a fun event for the family. Trev must be enjoying it a lot there. :)

  7. Wow looks like fun! How nice, no, when we get to bring our kids to events? :)

  8. Nice dance moves trev. good job.

  9. I was pre-registered in the event too but we were not able to go since we need to go home. Next year, maybe we will attend the event again.

  10. Trev has grown and it's nice that he does not mind performing when in front of many people! Ang galing ni Mommy Van. Your constant prodding and motivation has truly made him a confident child. :)


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