How We Celebrated Mom's Day 2014

I know, this is a veeerrryyy late post. (Sorry, busy bee!)

Last year, we celebrated Mother's Day when I, hubby and our baby went on an overnight swimming at Club Manila East

This year, actually, we didn't celebrate, as in celebrate, Mom's Day. We were supposed to attend a family swimming that day but since we arrived home almost midnight the previous day, we were not able to go. Sayang. Matatapos na ang summer, wala pa rin kaming swimming time, haha! But, that's okay, really. 

The day before Mother's Day, we went to Trev's pedia for his immunization (hurray, one more this June and the next would be when he's 4 na!) and we also went to my OB for my annual check up. Since, as always, my OB had so many patients that day, and her clinic hour starts at 5pm, we spent long hours waiting for our turn (but I like my OB a lot so never mind the long wait). Since we live far from Healthway already, we ended up reaching home at almost midnight, thus the reason why we were not able to join my side of the family for the swimming the next day. 

Anyway, we were at SM North EDSA (where Healthway is located) early so we had a lot of time to stroll (after so many months of not visiting SM, finally! hihi!) the mall. 

We bought Trev some new clothes because hubby and I noticed that he has outgrown almost all of his clothes na. Whew! How time flies talaga! 

We went to BGS, my favorite store at SM Department store for boy's clothes! :-)
They were on sale! Yay!
Left: Orig price Ph300, got it for Ph150 // Right: Orig price Ph400, got it for Ph200
Middle: Not on sale, but I really love those shorts for Trev.
There were a lot of colors to choose from!
If only they were on sale, we'd get more than one, if budget permits, hihi!

Since it's also been a long time since his last carousel ride, we gave in to his plea to ride it again. :-P

Nanay and Trev: HI!!!!! :-D

Glad we did because Trev had sooo much fun!

When we went back to Healthway, the cashier gave me this and greeted me a "Happy Mother's Day!". So sweet! Thank you, Healthway!

Of course, the little guy had to grab it first! Haha!

It's from Sweet Blooms. You know, the edible ones! It's yummy, by the way.

Oh, hubby pala surprised me with this cake last Friday, two days before Mom's day.

Thank you, mahal ko, for this. ♥

The ever curious toddler!

The next day, Sunday, was just typical. Let's see what happened. Hmm:
  • I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
  • I did our week long laundry. 
  • Fringe marathon (you know, the science fiction TV series starring Joshua Jackson? Hubby and I are so hooked with this. We finished the last season that day! I cried buckets! The last season was very touching. It sort of suited the day's occasion except that, it focuses mainly about father and son's relationship {Walter & Peter and September & Michael}, there's also about mom and daughter since it also tackles about the relationship of Olivia and Etta. I love that TV series, both mind bending and touching at the same time.)
  • Of course, play time with Trev.
  • Then, we ate the cake hubby got for me! Yum yum!

There might not have been a celebration but our family bonding was enough to spend that special day. It was awesome! ♥

I feel really blessed to have you both in my life! Love you to the moon and back!
P.S. Okay, sinukat na ni Trev yung new clothes niya! Haha!

Better late that never, happy Mom's Day to all the moms in the world! :-)


  1. Sa sobrang busy ko din sis, I haven't wrote about Mother's day celebration. It's just a typical day lang din and since we are finishing an order wala kami time to go out. Nasanay na din ako na after Church bahay na agad. Kahit super init, masarap pa din sa bahay lang hehe. Hope to see you soon sis.

    Mommy Maye

  2. That cake looks yummy! My family and I treated our mom to a cake and a simple lunch on Mother's Day.

  3. Ako naman I spent it with my two babies as in 3 lang kami sa bahay dahil nasa work c hubby at umuwi naman ang helpers.. kaya ayun! babysitter to the max ako hehehe but it was fulfilling naman..

  4. Happy belated mothers day. You have a yummy looking cake.. I too just wrote about my mother's day celebration :)

  5. I was so busy too that I haven't post anything on Mother's Day celebration. It fun watching all the photos and that cake is truly divine!:)

  6. I love simple celebrations like this. A complete family and cake are more than enough. Belated Happy mother's day!

  7. Sweet ni hubby! And oh, Fringe! I used to watch that, too, nung full-time SAHM pa ako 2 years ago haha. I love Trev's new clothes! And why is it na he's still having immunizations? Yuri's stopped na before he turned 2. We'll return when he's 4 na. Hmmm.

    1. Yes, ang tagal na nga ng Fringe eh, noh? Super late na kami, haha! Finally, natapos din namin. We also got hooked to Primeval din. Thanks, sis. Love them, too. Hihi! Naku, we never went to the Health Center kasi, lahat kay pedia niya (gastos noh?) kaya may mga iba pang new vaccines aside from the basics I guess. We decided to just avail of it na rin for Trev's own good na rin. :-) We have one more this June then graduate na, balik na when Trev is 4, yehey! :-)


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